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  • staplesman45 staplesman45 Dec 6, 2012 4:53 PM Flag

    My take on ROSG

    I have been checking these boards for the past 6 months and I see people come and go taking losses after getting sucked into a pump n dump. News will make this stock jump, anything else is pretty much blind speculation or insider trading. We have no evidence yet at all that this company is going to succeed or fail. Right now this is a gamble and I can see this stock going to either 10-13 or down to 2.5-3.5 (I dont think much lower). But Im just as unexperienced as most people here. My question is how much in sales are we looking for for this to jump or drop?? If anyone can answer that it would be gladly appreciated.

    John kelly your a #$%$ bag loser. Get a life and get off these boards, making fun of people losing money is a cowards game. You are a coward.

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    • You ask about sales. Simple. ROSG needs more sales this year than it had last year. For ROSG to have any impact it would probably need to show $200K. That might move it up to $10 over a few weeks but back to $6 or $7 until something else is reported.

      I say 200K because everyone is expecting Medicare to push the stock. Some people think Medicare will double sales. I don't think that is true. We'll see.

      Doesn't matter if they have Medicare approval and a check in hand. Berlin didn't say how much that check was. Could have been $10K.

      Take a look at VRNG. They are said to have 500 patents or related items. So What! Until someone violates their IP nothing happens to the pps. Currently ROSG can't even "lease" their IP. Think about that.

      Second biggest problem with the pps is "Berlin". He provides no guidance. And no guidance equals "he doesn't know". And that is obvious by looking at insider trading.

      I'm long but on speculation. Not betting on sales data anytime soon. Berlin will keep that until March or April because maybe it isn't good enough to report. Reporting poor sales before he has to isn't a good idea for the pps. He wants to keep the pps above $5. That is a fact. If you don't understand this rule of thumb you will have to do some reading. ROSG doesn't want to be know as a "penny stock".

      Long term. Technology is good. Sales will come in next year or 2014. Also, remember that when this company started out and the technology was discussed, it was said that it would take 15 to 20 years to take off. This is year 13.

      And bad part, if sales are not good next year the pps will tumble. Doesn't matter about new IP or new employees or new BOD members. That has been tried and tested. Last test of BOD additions didn't show any sustained pop.

      I'm buying because I did my DD on the technology and the company. They have the IP to carry them until they are bought. They have enough cash to put them into 2014 if Berlin keeps his hands clean.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Read all about this paid basher by going to google and entering "paid to bash stocks", really interesting reading.

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