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  • iluvhawaii_99 iluvhawaii_99 Dec 8, 2012 12:33 PM Flag


    1. Google 'edgar'.
    2. Choose 'Search' link.
    3. Choose 'company or fund name...'.
    4. Type ROSG for Ticker symbol.ROSG.
    5. Read 6-k from 12/7/2012.

    Rosetta Genomics Ltd. (the “Company”) has restated its consolidated financial
    statements as of December 31, 2011 to reflect that the conditions that raised
    substantial doubt about whether the Company would continue as a going concern
    no longer exist.
    The restated consolidated financial statements are being filed in connection with,
    and will be incorporated by reference into, a new shelf Registration Statement
    on Form F-3 that will be filed by the Company to replace the Company’s previous
    shelf Registration Statement on Form F-3
    that expired pursuant to the SEC’s rules in November 2012.


    Shame on flyonthewall and 'ra' for not highlighting this.

    And great news,

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Another statement worth noticing:

      "...... In general, we are generating increasing demand for our testing services, primarily miRview® mets2, through our direct selling effort in the United States and are successfully fulfilling that demand in our lab in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and we are working, with our reimbursement vendor and consultants, to gain more consistent payment from commercial payors as well as to secure reimbursement coverage from Medicare for our tests which have not yet received coverage. In May 2012, we announced that the designated Medicare Administrative Contractor, or MAC, for the miRview® mets2 test had informed us that it plans to cover this test for all Medicare beneficiaries, and in June 2012, we announced that the MAC had established a reimbursement rate for the test."

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • alpha article spells it out

    • People will say anything on forums in order to grab cheap shares. They have no shame.

      I feel bad for those idiots that sold 9k shares after hours on Friday for so low, losing money. Can't fix stupid!

      • 2 Replies to kiksbutt
      • The funny thing is ra9909 was the biggest pumper of this stock when it was around $9-$10. Now when it's in the $4's he bashes it night and day. Buy high sell low loser.

      • You can't fix stupid, but you can bend over, lubricate your rear with KY Jelly and let Ken Berlin's small punk institutional pals drill you once again. These guys made tens of millions of dollars, by shorting in the 8-10 area and then conveniently being the ones who got to cover by getting the secondary shares at $5...what a deal, huh? Don't you wish you could go to a company, start negotiating a secondary at $5 when a stock is trading at $10 and when you know you are pretty close to getting the deal done with shameless Ken, well you and your other deep-pocketed friends short this MFer hard all the way down to $5. And just decimate the small retail investors, many of you bought the stock way back in good faith and then the rigged deck destroyed the PPS. Those smalltime punk wannabee hedge funds can only get away with this kind of crap on a small company like this, certainly not a stock with a real big market cap. I always said the low float can work for you, but it can also be used against you, doesn't take that much short-selling and naked short-selling for them to move it wherever they want. Do you really believe Ken Berlin honored his fiduciary responsibility by giving the big guys shares for $5 when stock had been 10-11 only a couple of weeks before that? By contrast, the OREX guy (I dont own it) did one just under what it was trading at, and I am sure his shareholders love and respect him for doing that, rather than giving away the store like Berlin did.

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