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  • neuman613 neuman613 Dec 11, 2012 9:15 PM Flag

    Information too long in coming

    I've been long this puppy now and again, but even though the technology seems to be in demand and valid, the way that the company handles communications and its shareholders in general is of concern. There is a big difference between a new technology and the ability to realize profit from it. Think Tevo, Atari or Serius radio. This could be dead money forever.

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    • Berlin is obvious. Big money doesn't like or trust him. He is never a part of the conversation outside the topic of "poor management".

      Has anyone seen something positive about Berlin outside selling companies? He has demonstrated his abilities with the CC's. He says nothing because he can't seem to imagine anything. He can't even come up with a good lie.

      Too many red flags. To much burn. No direction given. Not even a little hype from the company regarding sales.

      The company has had many opportunities to provide guidance but non taken. Company has only indicated more R&D but that is burn.

      Apparently there is isn't commercial insurance companies on board. That would be some good PR to keep Berlin sitting with the company.

      Currently the technology is slow moving across the industry. ROSG is behind competitor sales but ahead in R&D and holds more IP. But IP is not cash until the related product shows interest.

      The longer ROSG goes without being bought is of concern. Makes the IP more expensive and companies will have to sell lots of product to recoup cost of IP purchase.

      Long term, maybe. Short term doesn't look promising. ROSG needs deep pockets pretty quick. doesn't matter if they have $25M left in the bank. When that runs out, what then? More dilution or a buyout for $3.50 ps?

      ROSG needs some serious thought. I'm not short but I'm getting out when I can unless I can be provided with a little guidance from Berlin.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Poor management. This technology is far reaching beyond CUP. But that will be at least 5 more years. And CUP is still a few years down the road before it is "demanding".

      Think about it. It cost them $25M to operate for a little more than 2 yrs. Sales are only $100K. Duh... So after the two years are up, what happens?

      How many tests will have to be sold to make a profit or cover expenses?

    • So I guess you didn't cover your short position ...OPPS

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