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  • mgdavis56 mgdavis56 Jan 10, 2013 11:29 AM Flag

    gap in one day chart 5.16 to 5.17

    headed bac up before this day is done

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    • onco11 Jan 10, 2013 11:45 AM Flag

      Draft of AHRQ study (CANU5012 - Technology Assessment on Genetic Testing or Molecular Pathology Testing of Cancers with Unknown Primary Site to Determine Origin (August 2012) will be published in final form later this month or early next month. This is a USA study comparing all three commercially available assays to determine cancers primary site of origin when it cannot be determined using traditional pathology tools. Will be the first independent study comparing products.

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      • Each test has three or more publications that report on the accuracy the tests in identifying the TOO of known tumor sites. The accuracy rates across all of the studies for each of the three tests are fairly consistent. The meta-analytic summary of the accuracy (with 95% CI) of the three tests in classifying tumors of known origin were: CancerType 83 percent (78% to 86%); miReview 85 percent (83% to 88%) and for PathworkDx it was 87 percent (86% to 89%).

        Conclusions: The clinical accuracy of all the three tests is similar, ranging from 83 percent to 87 percent. The evidence that the tests contribute to identifying a TOO is moderate. We do not have sufficient evidence to #$%$ the effect of the tests on treatment decision and outcomes.

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    • LOLOL...Don't hold your breath......can I have a hit of what U R smoking?

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      • People here amaze me. Many have been here for months and even a year. They can look at the chart and see how it has moved but they still get excited and claim huge changes in pps based on "no revenue".

        mgdavisdarling has claimed the fame! He is a silly as "ra". Whatever happened to "ra"? Did he lose all his money on his SVEN chasing?

        ROSG does have potential. Needs management changes though. The IP is good but IP doesn't sell in this market. Many companies have proven this. When will these guys figure that out?

        And the takeover bid does not exist. Mr "mgdavis" believes that with "Peter Pan and the F'n Easter Bunny in his head that somebody is out there getting ready to buy ROSG because some joker at SA or Benzinga said so.

        Some of these people put their lives in Benzinga's hands. Some people just don't take the warnings.

        I play ROSG just like the MM's do. I sell on spikes and short it back down then go long when it settles down. That is called "making money".

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