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  • non.sequitor non.sequitor Jan 13, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    Time to cover - other opportunities await

    The professional traders shorting ROSG have already covered. The amateurs shorting it should on Monday morning, if they haven't yet. It will be hard to buy the shares back on light volume, so the bids could move up quite strongly. Because of the great risk of holding for a short term trader, they will leave this for another stock moving rapidly. The pros will see stocks like TELK and short the hell out of it.

    Previous poster saying lack of insider activity means nothing is very wrong. Lack of buying/selling/flipping means they want and expect to be brought out. The insiders will keep the activity to nil to safely negotiate the SEC rules. Any potential takeover agent will tell management to do no trading activity as well. A takeover agent will examine the research and realize that for $8 - 10/share they can own the good story and virtually no debt. Cheap investment, risk/reward analysis is positive.

    I expect ROSG will drift up to to 5.50 or so early next week. Should reach 6 again on light volume in the next 2 weeks. They have a good story.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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