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  • dineroday dineroday Jan 29, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    MicroRNA 210 y Spinal Cord

    ROSG may be a pig, dog, cow and suck. But MicroRNA's are not.

    Ya see, J. Kelly, MicroRNA's tie our systems together. So all MicroRNA's are important. It isn't just the work of ROSG, but all of those involved in the R&D.

    ROSG is probably the best starting point for investing. That is how I believe and why I am long.

    But, like pigs don't fly and chickens don't climb trees, ROSG will not leap forward for probably 6 more months or a year. And not just based on their current patents and the fact that Medicare gave them approval. Medicare is the little drop in the bucket when it comes to the total value of ROSG.

    If ya don't get this, then you just haven't done much reading about MicroRNA research.

    I'm only holding 1k shares now. I lost only $3.5k but on paper. Made up the difference in DRYS. I'm going to watch close and see what ROSG does this quarter. I expect a little buzz from Berlin soon. But not only about past patents. I'm looking for the future research results that will push ROSG beyond $10 and $20 pps. It's very possible. If ya don't get it, you need to read about the company DNA when it was around in the early stages.

    As for a buyout. Good luck. Not until the company has their first good quarter. You see, the big pharma companies know the value and have the money to pay the premium so the will wait until it is time.

    ROSG moves sometimes because a few investors read stories like the one below:

    ROSEMONT, Ill., Jan. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Currently there is no effective treatment used in clinical practice for patients with an injured spinal cord. However, a group of orthopaedic scientists have recently discovered that the administration of microRNA-210 could be an effective treatment for an injured spinal cord by promoting regeneration following injury.

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