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  • JKGINO JKGINO Jul 28, 2005 2:55 PM Flag

    Following the money

    A new major holder just acquired on 20-Jul-04 2,109,705 shares of DFIB Private Purchase at $2.37 per share. (Cost of $5,000,000) . Why? He's making $ on several biotech buys and on solar stocks as well. I will follow the $ here....

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    • That was last year's deal. You would be following his money right down the toilet.

    • JKGINO,

      That was not a new investor. Here's the link to the press release.
      I believe Frank Pearl's company has a $50 mil loan to DFIB(I forget the all the details) but I do remember this board was buzzing when it happened. I think most people were saying he was putting more money up to keep the company going, hoping his investment will pay off.

    • I like your enthusiasm JK since I own a few shares of this stock, but the key was that the transaction took place 20-July-04. That was over a year ago and I'm sure that he has made better investment decisions. He could buy the stock for about half that amount today. That being said, this stock is still showing strength. If it goes up a few pennies, it will get over it's 200 day and that generally attracts a few new investor's if it holds. As for the questions on earnings....I don't see it on any earnings calendar and there is no rumor of it on whispers, so I don't know where people keep coming up with a date that earnings is coming out. If someone has proof of the date, please post the link. For the person who wanted guesses, I will take -.05 because anything else would be just wild speculation. -.05 is what is projected for the quarter and using any other number without information that no one at this board is likely to have is useless. As for the bashers that are researching to find what companies management has been involved in, I would suggest that you go to the company website and click on investments and then management. It's not some deep, dark secret that you have to research, it will list the companies that management has been involved in over the years. Feel free to make fun of the nice photos beside each person's name. If you are going to bash a stock, then have fun. Again these are just the opinions of an old man that would have much more money had he all the answers. Good luck on your trades.