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  • tampico1200 tampico1200 Dec 20, 2013 6:00 PM Flag

    Target problem-GREAT for Gemalto !!!

    "The Target problem could revive the debate about the security of magnetic stripes on cards. Banks in other countries issue cards that are embedded with a computer chip, which are considered to be more secure because they create a unique number for each transaction.

    "We have all known that the magnetic stripe is a 1970s technology," says Mark Weiner, managing partner at Reliant Security, a New York-based security firm. The Target breach "will absolutely push the U.S." toward newer card technologies, he said."

    NEWER CARD TECHNOLOGIES= Gemalto all the way !!! When the crowd @ CNBC ,Fox Bus and (GOD Forbid) CRAMER wake up to Gemalto folowwing the Target fiasco we are off to the races.

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    • CNBC finally did a short piece on smart cards ( which they refer to as EMV or "Chip & PIN " depending on who is presenting) with an interview of a manager from Oberthur. this AM. Very lackluster presentation. CNBC and the rest of the Financial Media is SO LATE to they game here that they really don't know what the "popular" name for this technology is going to be.
      The Guy from the UK calls it "Chip & PIN", but that is a trade name in the UK for EMV. Some call it just EMV, and I maybe heard one "smart card" mention.

      Oberthur is harder to follow since its a private company, smaller then Gemalto, but not a small company either.

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