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  • cmrhm2008 cmrhm2008 Jul 26, 2010 1:06 PM Flag

    Keep it comimg

    Thank you, met75.

    Yes. I am long too but I need protection. The best candidate still home builder like HOV.

    Thanks for your other recommendation. I am setting up price for HOV Nov put. This market is a up and down market for at least another 6 months. No one knows which direction we are going.

    Also, I am thinking of doing a pair trade. Like HOV vs ADSK.

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    • Puts are probably a good idea in HOV, but I would take it out as long as possible and would not buy right now. It looks like we are going to see another absurd run like we did back in March or so, and the puts are going to come down in value. All in my opinion of course.

    • took the wind out of the sales of this market. Might be time to short, especially if the employment numbers are bad.

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      • I'm expecting the "official" unemployment numbers to look artificially good in August

        those 2.5 million people who were denied claims (and the number, they say, grew by around 200k per week for those 8 or 9 weeks) were off the system during the time that gubmint counted the noses in July, which will be reported in August

        many of those were at the end of their extensions, so will be perminantly off the system in August, which will make the number in September artificially better as well, showing the start of an artificial trend reversal

        I still see mothballed defense plants, yet headlines showing increasing chances of war

        just a guess at this point, but I'm suspecting some of those remaining plants will magically re-open and take some of those hungry people out of the bread line and put them to work making bullets

        funny thing, we have an area near here (I just re-visited today) where all the buildings are identical, and laid out in blocks, with alphabet streets running one direction, numbered streets running the other direction

        this place was built during the WWII to make's now used as warehousing and industrial

        and I remember hearing stories of relatives working in other near by ammo facilities during those times

        the more I read of political tensions building around the globe, and the terrorist guy's reported "spouting off" makes me think we're going to start seeing gubmint hiring in the defense sector before long

        (look at the charts of many defense stocks as in indicator...I see a general uptrend over the last few years, there was a breather (correction) and now the trend is starting to continue upward....also, look at gold and oil prices, then check your history books....what effect does a pending war have on gold and oil?)

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