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  • drgoodforyou drgoodforyou Dec 22, 2012 9:57 AM Flag

    Please note my revision of price change.

    A few days ago, I mentioned a price of $12 to sell HOV.
    Well, after this recent capitulation of shares, I have raised that price to $18.23.
    When we hit that price in 2013, I will begin a gun buy back program,
    and try to make the world a safer place.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Why didn't Obama use some of the 2009 stimulus for a gun buyback program????
      Well genius, we are waiting for the excuse...

    • The rant to get rid of guns is insanely naive. We have the right to bear them end of story. The bad guys don't care about anyone's rights and they will always be able to buy or get a gun. You could have all the money in the world and you wouldn't be able to buy up all the guns. OK some twisted degenerate commits a crime in Newtown and you think a gun buyback or taking our rights to bear arms is going to stop that? That mass murderer should have never been walking the streets... why don't you focus your anger on the criminals. Where were this creatures parents in all of this? Where was his Father in all of this? You mean to tell me nobody knew this demon wasn't disturbed?

      You take the guns away from good people or their right to own them and you are only left with darkness. Look some people are just plain sick and belong in mental institutions locked up not out on the streets because of false compassion. False compassion is destructive.

      Where is your outrage at innocent people being slaughtered in Fast and Furious? A slain border patrol guard? Where did those guns come from?

    • Great on the trading and thx for the price target, bad judgement on guns... Imagine you and your wife going to a Christmas party downtown Atlanta ( Marriott Marquee ) and then a guy from the shadows jumps you with a weapon... your SOL like we were I was lucky saved by a local cab driver... Gun Control Stance only takes guns from the good guys

    • I am curious, how did you get even $12, no less $18? DO you have and numbers to back that?

    • No, crazy people WITH guns are bad, sane people with guns are good. Did you know the NRA supports law enforcement/police? Are police bad? Look, the NRA is all for safety. Hell, that's one of their primary objectives: safety with guns. As for me, I'm not a gun guy. Never owned one. Never will. I fully support limiting the number of rounds a gun can shoot...something like 8 rounds. That's plenty enuf to defend your home. But these semi-automatic rifles, don't need them. My thinking, if you're caught with one of those, in your home or otherwise, you go to jail. Period. As for protecting kids in school, if a guy shows up at school with a gun, you ain't gonna protect them with knives, chairs, baseball bats, etc. You need a gun. Have the school principle and several trusted teachers go thru a gun class and learn to use it as well as scenario training how to react to situations. Airline captains now carry guns in the cockpit, and we haven't had a single hi-jack since 9/11. If the bad guys knows someone may be shooting back, he's less likely to commit this crime at all. As for me, if a bad guy comes to my kid's class, I want someone shooting back at him. "And that's a memo."

    • Good. I made a price target prediction last Thursday of 18.00 by 12/31/2013. That may be too low.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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