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  • olliwd1 olliwd1 Aug 28, 2009 5:00 PM Flag

    Great News

    Looks like we will go below .05 if the trend continues of huge sell off after news

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    • i am a big critic of this company, have a pretty long history with them at this point, and i feel this news may actually be a catalyst of a decent sustained jump.

      not so much the news that has me thinking this, but more the pps action as of late,. yes its has been trailing down, but at the same time it displays a differnt resilence then i am use to seeing, there seems to be someone there to catch the low offer and push it up, maybe daytraders, but still i think some are buying in, and just waiting for the best deal.

      look at todays action, someone had some edge on the info after the bell, and bought in to the stock. they waited all day and at the last minute did a nice little push up 7%, which the way i see it, is only cause that was the only deal on the table. a last minute market buy.

      it would be nice to know the details of the contract, what was actually "executed" amount of lots, price paid per lot, yada yada. but it is good to have the president of this other company chiming in on a public platform.

      fingers crossed for monday