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  • bg_rox2001 bg_rox2001 May 18, 2011 6:39 PM Flag

    Going to be a tough run

    With 550,000 million shares - this company is already valued at over $25 Million dollars.

    Perhaps someone already has this info??
    I personally would like to know:

    1) amount of overseas revenue from 2010 and 2011 projections
    2) amount of US revenue in 2010 and projected 2011 revenue with RE/AL sales included
    3) Any estimates/predictions of operating costs for 2010 and 2011

    I know this is a pink sheet, but for every penny this moves is $5 million more in market cap. I would like some estimated sales numbers before I assume this is a homerun stock.

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    • Why no Overseas sales for the past 5 Years, Why?

      If the product was ready and waiting for usa approval, they had a hugh world market to sell to in the mean time. USA is big but not the only country that would buy?

      These guys are a joke! Put the peices together bagholder!

    • You know zero one has soft-tip filter for smoker desired oral sensation.....electronics combined w/filter produces the real taste smokers will want....SFIO has patent (or wil) on the electronics) and they have exclusive world rights from the German filter other e- cig mfg has this....sorry if you would have done your homework.....your naive....I very disappointed in you

    • I'm not bashing here guys - Im long 380,000 shares - I watched it turn into almost 25k today and then give back 1/3rd of that.

      I'm being realistic. For those of you that dont understand what a Market cap is, do some research. You see .05 cents and think it should be higher. $25 million market cap is ALOT of $$ for a company with no sales.

      This could be $1 stock in 2 years or .001 - noone here knows but DONT ASSUME the companies $50 million in sales in year 1 will happen just because they say it will.

    • The only sales numbers there are begin with the launch. The company already gave us $50M guidance for year one. It's conservative.

      for every 100,000 smokers we save equates to $180 million in annual sales. 100,000 smokers = 2/10th of 1% of market.. .002. A miniscule share.

      These things are completely sold out in most Smoke Shops. Been there .. done that. This is the high Quality/Value choice available with patented IP.

      Good luck underestimating the value of the FDA news to regulate as tobacco. That's the equivalent of an FDA approval.. which is worth a $billion$.

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      • Their website needs SUBSTANTIAL improvement for them to do real sales on. Have you been there? It looks like it was developed by a high school kid. Sure it is decent, but it is really difficult to determine 1) their product line 2) how to purchase their products - you can do it, but it is by no means clean and professional.

        I know they are going to be signing side distribution deals but I hope they find a real web developer if they are in fact estimating $50 Million in sales.

        I personally believe the $50 Million in sales in the first year is WAY overestimated. I would realistically peg this figure closer to $2-$3 million. Honestly, there are dozens of options to buy E-cigs online.

        If in fact anyone actually believed they can turn in $50 Million in sales in year 1, then this stock would already be .50

        I'm long here, but $50 Mill in year 1 is not oging to happen.