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  • May 24, 2011 1:22 PM Flag

    Its Been A GREAT Run ... time to lay this down for a while

    INOL has some momentum, but it is not a legitimate company. I'd take SFIO 100 times before a sham like INOL, but Im looking to see if INOL builds momentum, momentum= increased PPS. TYTN, I believe is 100% a rip-off of SFIO, some dirty scum trying to skim volume and momentum off of SFIO, which appears to be an actual company making an actual go of business not just penny scamming. I was hoping to see more info from CBIS regarding their hash cartridge, which is a great idea and it appeared for a time that CBIS and SFIO were partnering, but I have a feeling CBIS is in cardiac arrest. That was a great idea for medical MJ users, a portable vaporizer with dosable THC cartridges?! If it worked well, that would be the future of medical MJ ... no doubt about it. Most of these stocks ESPECIALLY the ones who have the OTC symbol in your face on the front page of their website ... have little to no substance.

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