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  • Draftcard Draftcard Jun 20, 1998 2:28 AM Flag


    That kind of earnings growth was actually
    started.... who the hell are you trying to BS.. the place was
    a mess... no it was a nightmare run by the biggest
    examples of the " Peter Principals"
    that existed in
    modern business. If RF hadn't come along the place would
    have been Chapter 11. The people on this thread are
    the same people who were in management before RF
    arrived... if you are all so smart why didn't you save
    it.... because you didn't have a clue... Childrens Place
    never made money, RX place never made money, Woolco was
    a joke....they kept opening business and losing
    money.... in fact over a 1/3 of the business units were the management....

    time to move on

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    • You were doing fine until you substituted "Principal" for "Principle", and from there it went down hill. One who does not understand the difference is playing with a short deck.

    • One must keep in mind that RF brought in Paul and
      Stu to "save" FWW. What did they do? The increased
      salaries tremendously by bringing in personnel at inflated
      salaries. Their performance resulted in the highest
      shrinkage in the history of FWW. Same condition sales went
      down. The reward for these boy wonders: Champs - where
      their performance, of lack of it, continues. Today we
      have more consultants, more HR personnel than ever
      before, we pay "new talent" more and more money. But the
      results are the same: decrease in sales. We spend more
      money on such important things as name changes. And the
      band played on.

    • First of all, Childrens Place never belonged to
      Z. Secondly, since you are such a fan of Butthead,
      why don't you tell us how he has turned the EXISTING
      BUSINESSES around. Foot Locker is actually worse off now
      than it was 5 years ago. You can't blame that on prior
      management. Also, look at Butthead's choices for his
      management team. What real winners do you see? I am not
      saying that prior management were geniuses but, neither
      is Butthead. In the end, I think you'll see that he
      will personally milk Z for more money than all of his
      predecessors combined. The only thing he has managed to sell
      at a profit is the Woolworth Building, and that was
      simply a matter of timing.

    • Dear Frank Jr. Alias Draftcard,
      sounds like
      you are a poster child for "peter's
      and you have reached your zenith of babbling for
      babbles sake and
      a water carrier for the present
      regime. They (Frick and Ditto ) will be long gone before
      you realize any dividends or growth in stock value
      unless you are holding the knife to help cut up the pie
      and leave the crumbs for the stockholders.
      you have a great day with your supply of

      Have a great day!!!!!

    • Write on the blackboard 100X: Little Folks!

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