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  • afshin_jones afshin_jones May 12, 2009 12:36 AM Flag

    What is the future of Pharmaceutical ?

    Hello All!

    What do you guys think about the future of the Pharmaceutical? With all the news I hear that this new admin tries to cut down on the Health care bills and prescription drugs and etc. do you guys think that the future of health care and Pharmaceutical won't be bright regarding stock market? or? not sure if it is a good time to get into it? or just stay away from it? Thanks!

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    • TEVA!

      Teva is the world biggest and most profitable
      generic medicines.
      Making the drugs that have gone of patents. These
      drugs are still selling like hotcakes, but TEVA
      get most of these formulations, and can sell them
      at much lower prices yet with the required
      FDA quality.

      The government can save BILLIONS
      TEVA will do very well.It also develops
      their own exclusive line of biotech
      etc products.

      At around $ 51.- a safe and profitable

      You can also speculate in smaller
      responsible biotech laboratories.
      I like PLX a lot.They have developed
      a very unique substance
      and use this in a drug that GENZ is seling
      BILLIONS of!
      Genz had lots of trouble because their
      labs were invaded by viruses, and they had to stop making this rare drug. Now the FDA
      themselves ASKED PLX to supply their drug
      to treat those that can't be supplied by
      Genz. An English company (Shire) is also
      developing sucha product, but PLX is far ahead.
      PLX is selling around $ 8.40
      I did my DD, now do your! I think you will
      PLX too.
      One of the better regular pharma 's
      is BMY - solid rising sales and profits, they
      pay also a 6 % dividend!!

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