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  • dragan7777777777 dragan7777777777 Jul 19, 2009 11:06 AM Flag

    "Next big thing", part 2.....

    OK, let's get to the point. Three pricks: BVX, NEPH, and DDSS. I will give you same data, you do the homework. All three are waiting for FDA approval, all three have great product(s), all three have competent management.... Yes, I am "loaded" with all three, I am a pumper, I have done my DD, and I am a believer....

    Favourite question: when the approvals are going to happen? Any time, they are all "overdue", tomorrow, next week, or next month. Nothing for sure with FDA, the only "sure" thing is: odds are 90% plus that all three will be approved.....

    What is a good entry point? Good entry point is NOW, approvals are around the corner..


    Product: J-plasma ( revolutionary product ), will make new chapter in laser surgery ( like going from old fashion TV to plasma TV ). Bovie has already over 100 ( small, and big ) products approved by FDA, never had a single product rejected. More approvals pending. On Friday they just submitted another one for 510K .......

    Management: superb, checked them out, check new hiring, pipelines....

    Rumour: partnership, and buyout by JNJ is done deal....

    Read Yahoo board posts by nc_gmbolser:


    Product: pending approvals for two haemodialysis blood filters, they recently got approval for water filter... Blood filters are "huge". Remember, the only real cure for ESRD is kidney transplant, haemodialysis is a "temporary measure", and prolonging the life while waiting for transplant is priceless....

    Management: excellent, look at the past moves, already FDA approved products...

    Rumour: partnership, buyout, possible although very speculative.....

    Read Yahoo board posts by Dr.Abducens, very informative:

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    • Too bad Theo, agree with you... But that is FDA casino, and who could possible predict outcome... One of the reasons why I invest in med devices, and only day trade FDA drug approval hype.... Again, DDSS is not med approval, it is DDS approval.

      Good luck

    • Munday, FYI, I was referring your remarks about HGSI. The Benlysta results just released have nothing to do with "generics" so I'm not sure I'm following you but regardless...glad to hear you're doing OK this year and best of luck to you!


    • Thanks Doc... It is certainly interesting to communicate with so many different people from all over the country (and the world). We are definately not in competetion, 100% agree on that. Always glad to read your posts and others who really contribute. I am hanging out here, CTIC is not going anywhere, I sold out of SPPI (had a small position, not so sure whether I will get back in). I like ACAD, several others are on my short list as if I go in to SPPI again it won't be for a while. The approvals and interest in biotech last week bodes well for us. I hope it has turned investor eyes back to the sector again. Nice to see the DOW up too. Hoping for approval here this week. GLTA!!

    • Well, NEXM, went south so after that I decided against that kind of company that does generics, maybe I should not be seeing them all like that. Lots ofpeople have sdaid SPPI is good and they have two drugs to get approved in the fall. CTIC is slow, but they have 2 drugs too. I think HEB has a chance, GENTA = mistake. I have done ok this year, I really liked this Neph, I have a good feeling about it, probably not the best way to trade LOL. Getting a bit 'gun shy' I suppose!!

    • Bad timing on that post Munday. Risk aversion is always a personal equation, of course, but sometimes you just gotta run with the big dogs...


    • Iffy on HGSI, hope they make it but not for me. As I said, not into generics repackaged. ACAD SPPI for me aafter Neph. Already in CTIC

    • Sorry, holyshoes, but I'm not quite getting your post. :0

    • Very exciting stuff, trotting out our credentials and all but...can we get back to the point?? Dragan made some suggestions about potential investment opportunities and as long as we all remember to do our own DD I welcome his contributions! BTW, Dragan, too bad you didn't mention HGSI, eh? Anybody else on this board just get a big boost in personal net worth??


    • Doc,
      I've dealt with aaccn, worked with aad, graduated to md, and currently hold a masters with
      BAC > .08...why?

    • Agreed, kastlem. I have a lot of respect for contributors like yourself, golfratt, maddog, acool and others on this MB, simply because, even though we all probably come from different parts of the country or world, we can come together and have an intelligent discussion about investments. I do not view us competing with each other, but actually working together to help us achieve success with our investments. So, I do think you always offer quite a bit to this forum. Keep it up!

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