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  • oosetrain760 oosetrain760 Oct 14, 2013 11:22 AM Flag

    Blue Cross sent me my new premium

    My healthcare is going from 250 a month to 600 a month. And deductible going from 3500 to 5000. Thats for the cheapest, lowest cost plan. The "Affordable Care Act" huh. Anyone on this MB gonna dare tell me how good for me Obamacare is now?

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    • I have a similar story with Humana. In the last few years, my high deductible ($10k) plan has gone from $187/mo, to $226/mo, to $254/mo. I just called them last week to ask about the mind boggling increase 40% over the last two years alone and they recommended that I check back in November when they will have new requirements for new plans. They suggested I consider giving up my current plan for one of these new ACA compliant plans that are required to carry more coverage. I asked them how a plan that is not subsidized, and carries more coverage could be cheaper, and they said it most likely wouldn't be ???? The scariest thing was their comment that they could not guarantee that I would be able to keep my plan beyond the next year as it is not currently "ACA compliant". What happened to "If you like you insurance plan, you can keep it." Not only has my insurance plan changed (the increasing premium compensating for o care), but I may not legally be able to keep it since it is not "compliant". O is a bold faced liar, and the american people have no clue to the extent they have exchanged their liberty for some "affordable" healthcare. In the words of Joseph de Maistre: "Every nation gets the government it deserves." The morons who voted for O deserve this garbage, not us!

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