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  • lscher lscher Oct 28, 2001 10:17 AM Flag

    Mail/e-beam physics

    I have a couple of observations and concerns regarding the use of electron beams to sterilize the mail.

    1)Is there going to be a problem with sheilding when Surebeam units are installed in postal facilities?
    When high energy electrons strike metal, they produce gamma rays. This would not be a problem when sterilizing non-metallic items such as hamburger, but could be a problem with the mail. It wouldn't be difficult to shield but could require significant shielding or physical segregation of the units from workers.
    This principle is also reassuring,however, in that it would be difficult to shield an anthrax-containing letter with lead foil.

    2)What will be damaged by Surebeam units?

    Electronics, magnetic media will certainly not tolerate e-beams. Does anyone know if the metallic CD/DVD bits are small enough to be damaged as well?

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    • I busted a gut when I wrote it also, Im glad you saw the humor in it. Its good to laugh once in awhile.

    • I can understand their enthusiasm. It is an exciting time to be invested in this stock, just wish it wasn't such a troubling time for our country. I can easily see this stock running up to an unrealistic valuation with some of the enthusiasm expressed on this board.
      Enjoyed your answer to question about e-beam. Got a good laugh from it.

    • Is the issue of gamma rays from electron beams a real concern? Is there enough radiation produced from metal in mail to prevent the use of Surebeam in a small facility?
      I suspect the postal union might be upset about the prospects of it's workers being exposed to any radiation.
      I understand that exposure would be very small, but the PR could be detrimental.

    • redneck_toothless_barefoot redneck_toothless_barefoot Oct 28, 2001 10:54 AM Flag

      if you recieve a paper envelope with a metal insert.............duh duh ugh ugh though it away

    • don't know about dvd/cd... they are metal surfaces

      things that won't tolerate e-beam.... magnetic media (floppy disks, cassette tapes, etc), electronics (cameras, hard drives, pcmcia cards, batteries, etc), film, photographs, credit/debit cards, magnetic ink used in checks

      at one time or another I have mailed or recieved all of the above, many of them often

      mail will have to be screened for metal, and certain checks that use magnetic ink will have to be changed, or mailed in seperate packages indicating that they cannot be beamed

      mailing magnetic media (floppy disks, cassette tapes, etc), electronics, film, photographs, credit/debit cards, magnetic ink used in checks, will probably mean a trip to the post office to stand in line

      • 2 Replies to inetdevc
      • Some people are going to be inconvenced. Look at all the adjustments the airlines have to endure,major corps,etc etc.

        This is not some media hype it is real war against real fanatics with real weapons.

        They will have to sort things like film,cd's,and cc's. No biggie, nesscessity is the mother of invention. The Post Office will figure it out and have the U.S government's full support.

        Seeing that u r so concerned about your dvd's and cd's are u equally concerned about irradiating anthrax and other deadly microbes in the U.S.P.S. Or r u gonna bust a gut worring about your new "get Shorty",DVD, hahahahhahaahahhahahahahahahaahhahaha

        I'll gladley buy your shares so u can cover tomorrow!

      • inet,i've read so many article on surebeam lately that i can not find the reference,but i do distinctly remember reading that the titanscan plant manager in lima ohio said that it does not damage media disks,credit cards or magnetic ink use on checks-he did not mention the others-tim