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  • bstee bstee Mar 2, 2005 10:12 AM Flag

    Suit settled earnings in, heading up

    Really there is nothing to hold them back now.
    If there is anyone short at this point it is on the far outside chance that SURE could have some spillover, but with the kind of dollors being both earned and booked and the really large cloud now gone, I would guess there are few if any shorties around.

    THe numbers are like I could have only drempt of when I first got on the "Titan Train" a godd five years ago. Back when we were hoping to break through $5/share and then busting through $7/share and that was with a squeezed DoD. Now that the money is flowing fast and furious to Homeland Security it's all upside...well for at least four years.

    Another thing is, a lot of the small companies in this sector bet the farm on a single "system". That is they employ a group from say Rockwell or another and they go out on their own because they have a great idea for a new rocket, or a new laser, or they are in the missle shield business. With Titan, we are not talking about a sinlge line item that could be cut out of the budget. Largely we are talking information and there is nobody on either side of the eisle willing to cut dollars in that area - not for any time in the near future.

    So renewed merger? I really hope not. And no I don't say that because me and my 900 shares want to play hard to get. I'm just a peon along for the ride. But really the price we have now is justified based on the numbers we have now. The $22 price was based on a valuation based on projected worth at that time. We have exceeded that and them some and our future is bright. Really $22 was only about a $4.50 premium that was capped partially due to the pending issue that was just settled. Now the value is clearly higher, clearly higher on its own, not on the basis of potential worth to someone else.

    As far as being too small to be worth it to someone, I'm not sure exactly what means. Companies large and small gobble up smaller companies all the time. They just love to buy up companies that show terriffic earnings and revenue growth - and we fit that bill. And for being too large - not in the sector. You really can't be too large in this sector. Before we know it there will be three or four DoD contractors for everything, and that's all. But for now - I'm more than happy to sit right where I am. Of course I am still holding about 43 cents worth of SURE too. At least that's going to be a write off.

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    • I remembers dat Titan Train fer sure, beasty. Der were some regulars back then. Captain Kelly, dogleg, VK707, TombRaider, War Torn, Fingerfood, CarpeDiem, MasterOfPuppets, fmlangon, titanium99, et al...(even By Volume, RIP).

      Dat old Sequoia was at da controls and War_Torn_Veteran was riding da shotgun. Man, dem were da days when every post here was a winner. Got gilled in the Club Car every nite.

      Tanks fer the mammaries, bstee. Here's lookin at you kid.


      p.s. hey frogfuzz, you wants ta chase da little white ball around dat LaJolla course at da annual meeting????

    • you could be very well right with what you said in your post....but titan corp is still spending millions of dollars in legal fees defending itself with the surebeam technology lawsuit

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      • That is true (SURE) could and will continue to suck out some profits until it's behind them. It SURE would be nice to get that behind us as well. Maybe its in the works but there's no point in overwhelming the legal depts in one quarter. If I had to make to total blind guess they will still have this quarter to finalize, file and put away the legal issues we just disposed of. SURE would seem like something to address in the 3rd quarter at the earliest.

        Then again - I just got my paperwork for the Enron lawsuit I didn't know I was a part of, and that collpase was what 2001? I just got some on MarchFirst (A company not a date)that was an old internet implosion and that one went south in 2000 and they are just getting to settlement talks. MAybe the best thing they have going for SURE is many of the sharholders are like me, I'm sitting on my 42 cents worth or whatever - but it really didn't cost me anything. I had it spun off to me. As TTN recovers to the pre-spin off price it gets hard to show damages to the majority of the sharholders.

        What I mean is this. At that time I think I had about 300 shares of TTN and they spun me like 212 shares of SURE. My cost basis was bsically the immediate effect that the spin off had on the stock. That is - and don't quote me. Suppose TTN was $20 pre spin, you got your shares and immediately the shares dropped to $16. The net effect or cost to me on my TTN shares was $4/share. Since I got less than 1-1 ratio the SURE stock cost in essence about $6.00 per share to me. But...I never sold my TTN stock. And now we are nudging back up to $20 share. Sure my SURE stock is worthless and I can claim I paid $6/share and write off about $1200 loss - but in actuality if I keep holding my TTN shares until they hit $20 again I've lost nothing and gained a write off.

        Since we have high institutional ownership of TTN, I would assume there are amny who did not but it at an inflated price, get the SURE shares, sell the TTN shares, then keep the SURE shares, lose on the SURE and the TTN was a loss....but there are some. And those are where the sharks will swim.

        Then again, I'm talking logic and we aretalking lawsuits. It's not about who really did what, but (in America these days) I lost - therefore the only way to explain it is somebody owes me. Something bad happens, find someone with money and get my money back.

        Sorry - bit of a rant there - still...go TTN