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  • Betterbelieveit Betterbelieveit Oct 26, 1998 11:43 PM Flag

    TTN more than one!

    Okay,BUY_TTN_LONG and Fmlangon, I got the value
    line and I did
    not get too excited except they did
    increase earnings estimate for next year from .45 to .50.
    If you were wondering who the sellers, let me say
    this who did they buy. There are your sellers. Now
    everything is cleared up as far as shares outstanding and
    expected earnings. Now we need the news I was
    for which will finally make this stock move! May have
    to wait for that unless someone knows more than me!
    Will stay long well into early 1999. Unless something
    else happens!

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    • Shares are being sold in blocks of 25,000. No
      individual which Titan bought has these kind of shares.
      Also, there are restrictions on large holders after
      acquisitions on when and how much sales can be made. In other
      words, these are not the sellers. So, Betterbelieveit,
      try again.

      • 3 Replies to ACyborg
      • Somebody Sold Loads of it again!!!!!...Who could that Be!!!!!!!!

      • Since when do you know this much! Thats right No
        on the outside has these kind of shares! I will
        agree with that much! Well maybe a few do!! TiTan did
        not buy individuals they
        bought companies!! But
        then go ahead take it down one more time Bottom Line I
        will stay long because I can! Just tell me when to add
        again at 4 will it hold! Things are too quiet and
        I like that SSSH! Better believe it! Or


      • If a stock and the managment of a company
        disturbs an investor why don't they just sell it and move
        on to something that they can feel happy with

        One of the rules of investing states that the
        should be able to feel comfortable with their

        I don't understand an agenda of owning a stock
        and then pointing out to everyone what a bad deal the
        stock is.

        Isn't that like climbing out on a
        limb and then sawing the limb off the tree ?

        guess if you are a shorting the stock then it makes
        sense to do whatever you can to knock the price down.
        But I wouldn't
        think a personal opinion on board
        like this would have enough influence to effect a
        stock much.