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  • Betterbelieveit Betterbelieveit Feb 6, 1999 7:05 PM Flag


    Whatever the answer is even if it is not TTN
    E-Beam the answer
    to the problem needs to be found!
    Here is another recall for Listeria bacteria! Hello,


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    • I notice that the report you refer to states
      American Airlines
      has stopped serving ALL food from
      Tyson, not just the
      contaminated burritos.
      company suffers in many ways when they sell
      1. They have to throught he product
      2. They have recall expense
      3. They have
      legal liability and litigation expense
      4. Their
      product is withdrawn from the market until
      wholesales and retailers and in this
      case Airline can
      feel assured it is contamination
      Their customer is also part of the litigation and

      may be jointly liabile for awards.
      6. If their
      wholesaler or retailer or in this case
      airline ever
      purchases from them again and another
      breaks out then it will be almost
      impossible to
      provide a defense for the airline
      or wholesaler or
      7. The public will thereafter be wary of those
      8. Their products Liability insurer gets nervous
      may either jump the rates or non renew and if

      these contamination outbreaks continue to spread

      insurer's will be less and less likely to take the

      In our Family we will no longer purchase a number
      of products
      including Sara Lee products. We are
      not sure which of the many
      products makes, in
      addition to the Turkey and hotdogs that
      contaminated, so the safest course is not to buy a
      made by Sara Lee. In the Case of Tyson they were
      selling their
      contaminated products under the name of
      Culinary Foods so
      its is necessary to check the label.

      • 1 Reply to fmlangon
      • Saturday February 6 12:09 AM ET

        More U.S.
        Hot Dogs Recalled For Deadly Listeria
        (Reuters) - Meat companies in Ontario and the Pacific
        Northwest recalled about 2,000 pounds of hot dogs suspected
        of contamination with listeria, joining a half-dozen
        other firms that recently pulled products off the
        shelves because of the deadly bacteria, the U.S.
        Agriculture Department said Friday.

        The two recalls
        Friday were not related to a nationwide outbreak of
        listeria caused by Sara Lee Corp. (NYSE:SLE - news) hot
        dogs that has claimed 16 lives, a USDA spokeswoman

        Other U.S. companies have recalled milk and lunch meat
        during the past month because of listeria, but no deaths
        have been reported.

        USDA officials meet next
        week with consumer groups and the meat industry to
        talk about new prevention methods including possible
        warning labels on certain ready-to-eat foods or stricter
        testing by the companies.

        Listeria usually affects
        only the unborn, small children, the elderly and
        others with weak immune systems. While less common than
        other foodborne diseases, listeria ranks among the
        deadliest with 20 percent of those infected

        The latest recalls involved relatively small amounts
        of meat.

        B.B. Meat & Sausage Co, based in
        Bellingham, Wash., voluntarily recalled 1,500 pounds of hot
        dogs after a random sampling by USDA meat inspectors
        found listeria in some product.

        The products
        were sold in grocery stores to consumers in
        Washington, Oregon and Alaska, the USDA said.

        recalled hot dogs were packaged and sold under the brand
        names Hempler's Bun Buster Franks with a sell-by date
        of March 18; Hempler's Old Fashioned Weiners with an
        expiration of March 18; and Hempler's Cooked Bockwurst
        marked for sale by March 4.

        Each package bears
        the USDA inspection mark ``EST 6410.''

        other recall was ordered by Principal Marques, based in
        Entobicoke, Ontario. The company recalled about 456 pounds of
        cooked sausage that was sold in Milwaukee, Chicago and

        The sausage was sold in one-pound packages under the
        label Regio Brand Mortadella. Each is marked with a
        sell-by date of March 22, and bear the Canadian
        inspection mark ``EST 225.''

        The Sara Lee recall in
        late December involved a record 35 million pounds of
        meat, according to USDA figures. Sara Lee has disputed
        the recall amount, saying it was closer to 15 million