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  • eman_02910 eman_02910 Jun 2, 2000 8:39 AM Flag

    salt and dale - off topic

    you pick up on small details of my lack of due
    diligence. yet you both fail to address the cost of titan's
    latest aquisition and where the damn CASH WILL COME
    FROM? titan's already carrying a good deal of debt so
    do you think they will borrow more cash? i think
    titan will sell more stock. and salt you are sadly
    undestimating the effect of oil on this market. i will wager
    that a month from now oil and gas prices will be THE
    concern for this market. AND HERE IS ONE MORE CONCERN FOR

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    • Cash is a good example. You say TTN already
      carries a good deal of debt. Yet, Eric specificaly
      pointed out in the CC last Q. that TTN's net debt was a
      mere 100M. For a company the size of TTN and with its
      growth opportunities and it's cash flow, do you really
      think 100M is a "good deal of debt"?


    • flyer. This is a well rounded company. True,
      beware of fast growth or you will flame out on a rapid
      cash burn. But they have a huge back log. They can
      raise cash if they need it.

      Money should rotate
      into financials, just not all of it. The money that
      was temped out of banks into the ventures
      is in money heaven. It will not come back. The
      people who lost that on their own learned a lesson. The
      people who did that for a living will soon be working at
      the video store.

      Cull the herd, now it is
      time to run. TTN was one of my most assuring holdings
      through the post-March madness along with my banks FBF.

    • If you'd been paying attention, you would have
      remembered that Titan already had the cash/ line of credit.
      This deal is probably what they were working on when
      they refinanced and obtained additional funds several
      weeks ago. Surely you don't think that this transaction
      happened overnight, like you and the missus looking at a
      new house and then making an offer before considering
      where the money woouold come from to pay for it. Do
      you? If you like financials, try ONE. Lots of
      problems, but a big dividend, and possibly a takeover
      candidate, as it is about the last regional bank. Also has a
      message board to worry on.

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      • You mentioned ONE as a promising financial stock.
        I happen to be under water (sigh!) on one I think
        is considerably better -- UPC. The yield (at 6%) is
        higher than ONE's, the PE (10) is lower, the price to
        book is lower, and since earnings continue to rise
        steadily (as opposed to ONE's reductions), the yield is
        safer and the company overall less risky. ONE is big in
        credit cards, which I see as a hyper-competitive area,
        while UPC is not. Moreover, the growth in UPC's
        12-state region is higher than for ONE, and I think UPC is
        a better (cheaper) take-over target. Again, I
        freely admit I'm under water on this one (bought in the
        high 40s), but I really see it as a better bet than


        THE NUKE

    • Why don't you contact Titan Investor Relations
      and ask Rochelle where the money is coming from? I
      Why don't you just sell your Titan and buy some
      financial stocks?
      YOU don't get it-our place on this
      board is not to answeryour silly questions-find the
      answers yourself