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  • plowking45 plowking45 Jul 13, 2001 10:18 AM Flag


    THIS THINGS GOING TO $100/ share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See how annoying this is, bashers? Anybody can post these irrelevant messages...

    For every stupid, basher message that KStar posts, I will match it with an equally inane message...

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    • This stock won't go to 3 period.

    • Concord honoured by Wal*Mart Stores, Inc. as a 'Supplier of Excellence' for the 1st Quarter of 2000.

      Concord ranked the 20th Fastest-Growing Company on Fortune Magazine's List of �America�s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies.�

      Concord ranked the 25th best small company in America on Forbes Magazine's List of �200 best small companies in America.�

      Concord added to the Russell 2000� and Russell 3000� Stock Indexes.

    • Well just a few week's ago we were building a base at 9 then 10. Our next move was to 6 then 5.50.

      Shorts have control of this stock. Beat them or join them, I'll cover at 3 or below.

      After earnings and when the 10-k are released this thing is sure to drop again. You can count on it.



    • Still Down. I'm in the black where are you.

      Go do some channel checking.


      Were in the new quarter and were out of stock or have limited product available in these stores. Not one new model introduced this quarter.

      Is Concord waiting till christmas?. That's just great. Who's runinning the product development and sales channel. I'd be screaming for new product.

      Dont stuff the channel with product, then sell it with mark down dollars. Make your product and service the best and your product will sell.

      How do you have out of stocks at Walmart. The number one discount retailer in the nation? The VP or President of sales should be or canned.

      What's Concord doing to grow market share with these retailers or thier OEM clients. Concord honoured by Wal*Mart Stores, Inc. as a 'Supplier of Excellence' for the 1st Quarter of 2000.

      I guess one quarter was enough to get the PR out and the stock price split and up to 23.

      With the economy the way it is, Concord should be better than last year.

      Are we down again today?

      - .14

      Those are the facts.



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      • If you can't convey your message in plain english then go somewhere else, courtney..

        I have no idea where you pulled that info from. Go to those stores that you mentioned and you will see that they are chock full o Concord products.

        Maybe I didn't understand your broken english post, but all out of stock means to me is that concord products are selling like wildfire...

        you and kstar should go get it on together... it'd be a match made in heaven (hell?)...