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  • sfruehling1 sfruehling1 Aug 6, 2012 3:53 PM Flag

    Legitimacy concerns?

    That is an interesting comparison and your conclusion seems plausible. Appreciate your thoughts and hope something turns Sorl's price around soon. I bought it as a long-term hold several years ago. It still seems like a solid company at a bargain price, but I am a novice China investor and could easily be wrong.

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    • Ditto. I too bought it few years ago - found the company's fundamentals and prospects too good to ignore. Really like their balance between -

      1. OEM & after market sales
      2. Local and growing global presence

      Not at all worried about the huge price decline. Over time, this business should do very well. And the stock should follow. And in the minefield of China RTO space, no one has ever raised a finger on SORL, or at least I haven't come across any fraud allegations on the web. Insiders own 50% and have not sold a single stock in the past two years. If there was fraud, why would the CEO keep sitting on his 50% stake all this time and watch its market value come down precipitously since start of 2011? Doesn't make any sense. I would have bailed out a a big loss if there was even the slightest hint of fraud, but am not going to sell just because the price has collapsed. That is no reason to sell in my view.

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      • My biggest concerns about owning the company are 1) it is in China and difficult to understand how reliable and meaningful the limited information I have about it is and 2) if the price continues to decline, it might go private and get bought out for a few pennies per dollar of its $8.27/sh book value. I have been hit several times over the last few years from major dilutions and/or private buy-outs of “solid looking” companies that occurred way below their book value. That said, I still plan to hold SORL for awhile and hope for the best.

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