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  • my_world_online my_world_online Jul 1, 2003 2:48 PM Flag

    Rise...I command thee...rise!

    > .......
    >Remember, next year's forecast is .19/sh, >therefore, at a 30 p/e + the cash, this >should be a $9 stock!

    Who is talking of a P/E of 30. It is historically known that micro-cup growing stocks, in technology and internet sectors could have a P/E of 200, 300 and more. We seen that many times, how market cup of similar stocks grew 5-10 times within just one year. Market does not care what is going on now - it looks forward. Today's P/E of 300 may be a P/E of 30 within one or two years. And VCLK deserves higher P/E. No one would object if I say that it may be a $50-60 stock within 2 years. That's right it may return 1000% on your investment. Now you decide if you can afford not to own it!

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    • I already own it...and had last bought again at 5.85 about a month or so ago.

      I would probably bet the farm (or most of it) on VCLK whence it was in the 5's, but I've learned that diversification is a real good thing...just in case something bad happens to your one BIG holding.

      I'll be content with building my riches again slowly, with several stocks, rather than one primary one.

      Just need to pick/hold a "diamond in the rough" every so often...HTEI was my last one (took two years to pay off, and it paid off very well). Now it's VCLK, along with KANA (rebought on recent downturn), TYL (still very undervalued), and TFSM (okay, I'm really dreaming on TFSM, but it's just soooo cheap).

      and yes, I will post my earlier message more often...but not every day. That get's old, real fast.

      Go VCLK...To the nine's...

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      • Hi Mckenna....gotta say I respect your do the work that I am learning to do. Thank the good lord TFSM stopped dumping ...aaarrgh...(in at l.22), but what really floors me is Kana...why did you buy that... seems to have taken a dump that makes TFSM look solid. if you are so inclined to share....the other ticker came up as none... I love vclk too...Have even made a couple of prosperous ins and outs..( and one pending. As the prior message said, list the command frequently.... Do rain dances too. All we need is one GOOD market day and we will go........,Hope tomorrow is it...good luck to us all.