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  • goin4thegoldin03 goin4thegoldin03 Dec 20, 2004 12:41 PM Flag

    Congrats LM in advance

    Just know you are getting those shares back....The pile of xmas gifts from vclk must be growing

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    • First, I doubt that you did that for 18 days straight. NO ONE is THAT lucky. And the low yesterday was 12.08, not 12.15.

      Second, I post when I buy/sell almost as soon as the transaction goes through. Except on GTC orders, since they're just "waiting" to execute, since I don't watch the stock constantly; I do have a day job.

      Third, if you bought/sold 15K shares at a clip, I doubt you would be bothering yourself posting on these message boards.

      Fourth, I let others know my intentions (or transactions) on this stock, since as some have said, "this is LM's board". Not exactly, but I have followed VCLK for over two years, and I have a fairly good assessment of its trading patterns, as well as potential overall stock appreciation (I design/develop software for a living, for 20 years, so I focus my investments almost exclusively on such companies that are s/w based).

      Go VCLK...

    • this stock is beginning to put me to sleep.

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      • Asleep?...the whole point of this stock (for me anyway) is that it moves
        SO MUCH,
        SO OFTEN!
        ...It is simply,

        Thank you Goldie, yes I did get my shares back (yet again) this afternoon at 12.25. One more time (boy, I seem to say that a lot). Christmas is going to be good (mostly due to the anticipated company profit sharing - we had a good year, and next year SHOULD be even better).

        Thought I might get them shares back on Friday, but today is just as good.

        Time to go back up...Q4 should be very good to VCLK too!

        Go VCLK...