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  • goin4thegoldin03 goin4thegoldin03 May 2, 2005 5:11 PM Flag

    Where are all the Optimists???

    Las pre-earnings, this board was full of long time optimistic supporters.... Where are those familiar names? It is eerily quiet now...Last earnings, there were several strong buy ratings given, (in the 13's, no less), none now, in the tens.... Nothing has fundamentally changed but the aura sure has... Guess, no one is interested in buying before earnings because vclk "fell" last time on great earnings.....If it tanks on good, what will it do on bad? Maybe go up?....Never underestimate Wall Street...Sure gotta admit Mr Zarley sold at an opportune time. Saved himself a bundle...I probably sound like a short, but I am not, just a very disgusted long......Thanks for letting me vent... Still long...GO VCLK

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    • I think that the longs have purchased their shares and are waiting for Wednesday. No point in getting into verbal abuses with shorts of the stock.

      The company should be at a Minimum be valued at about the same P/E or Enterprise value as Doubleclick or Fastclick.

      But there is no arguing with the market and let us wait for the actual results and guidance.

    • Its quiet confidence which basically mimics VCLKs management at this point.

      I'm not as smart as the shorts are, but I anticipate VCLK is going to be a very explosive stock in the very near future.

    • If strong earnings doesn't make this thing move, than what will??? 82% of the float is already owned by institutions, so any price increase will probably not come from them buying more shares. VCLK needs to start buying back their stock, or something, to get this thing kick-started.

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      • VCLK has used its cash to buy growth - thankfully, it buys the right companies at the right price and makes the acquisitions work. No doubt, that will continue to be their SOP for their cash.

        However, with nearly 1/4 Billion $, I think that a 10% share buyback is not unreasonable! They should be doing SOMETHING to help support the stock...especially if they consider it to be as undervalued as we do!

        For those company execs that have lots of options, its in their interests to increase the share price too.

        Go VCLK...(anxiously awaiting Wed)