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  • goin4thegoldin03 goin4thegoldin03 Aug 18, 2004 10:02 PM Flag

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    Hellraiser, you are sooooo smart....thought VCLK was going to 5. I notice that you are nowhereto be seen or heard(which is good). McKenna WILL be back, sure hope so....He has provided us with so many intelligent posts and gives his HONEST opinion. Everyone makes mistakes as this is the "market"...To the newbies who probably jumped in after being listed on the nasdaqs biggest loser list...Vclk is not so easy as one day up and one down. I am sure most longs are shocked at the past several weeks performance...I have been in since 4 and made a few really good trades but am a faithful long. Go Vclk

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    • First to HellRaiser...

      You are a blathering idiot. Anyone can make conjectures (see you at 5), but you give absolutely no REASON to be at 5. You have been saying such stuff for months and months, and only recently got lucky with a lower than anticipated qtly revenue.

      Now, to everyone else who has a brain...

      As for our recent drop, it makes little/no sense, other than the big boys play on your fears, - they do a big sell/scare, others follow precipitating a further decline/sell off, THEN they start buying those shares back on the cheap. I'm still holding, and will add to my position as long as we are in the 7's.

      What it all means...

      VCLK BEAT their earnings expectations on LOWER THAN EXPECTED earnings ==> their profit margins are even better than the street thought! Next, they have also reaffirmed guidance for full year revenue, which means if their margins ARE that much better, their profits at year end will also be THAT MUCH BETTER. Question is, will Q3 or Q4 be the blowout qtr? Wait and watch for the big pop. This stock is NOT a bubble stock.

      Of course, it would have been better to reaffirm the revenue guidance concurrently with the qtrly numbers. The street (and the big boys) have their own "rules" they play by. You could double your revenue (and double your losses) but the street would REWARD you by having your stock price go through the roof while at the same time you are that much closer to bankruptcy. Blind faith in poor mgmt. (Such a situation, increases revs with increasing losses, begs a buyout, and replace mgmt - yes, situations like that do occur).

      VCLK is a VALUE company. I too have been here since the $2.50 - $3 days almost two years ago now. This along with TYL are my best and largest holdings.

      (For those with TYL, look into MANA too and join our little "race". I just sold off 1K of MANA at 9.21 on Monday, lock in more profit, and will by back at the inevitable price of low 8's which we always retreat to. Both TYL and MANA will close out the year very nicely.)

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      • My only mistake was getting into TFSM, and increasing my position in it prior to the reverse split. I eventually shed all my holdings in it between $4 and $7 a share (most in the 6's).

        Back to "my" fundamentals for "initially" investing in a company...
        No debt (or insignificant compared to cash on hand)
        Profitable (or about to be, currently very close to break even)
        Revenue is increasing YoY.
        P/E 10 or less (compute the P/E by first reducing price by cash/share though)

        I got into HTEI (years ago, eventually bought out), TYL, MANA, and VCLK, based on this. This is how you can make BIG $$$ very easily...just takes patience.