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  • stockicon_2000 stockicon_2000 Nov 1, 2005 9:04 AM Flag

    I don't like what I see!

    I've been long since $10, but I hate when I see a fluff PR on the day of earnings. It always makes me cringe. I've been in this game for a long time. What say you LM?

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    • You are correct in your concern regarding a FLUFF PR (seen stuff like this many times on other companies, usually just a day or so before earnings).

      If things were to be bad, then we would probably get MORE fluff PR, rather than just the one on the day of earnings. And remember, earnings do not come out until AFTER the close. If one wanted to soften the bad news, put the PR out closer to the announcement, or mention it during the CC and put it out tomorrow morning ("hey, things weren't as good as we hoped, but look, things are getting/looking better for the future"...type of talk).

      Another take is that VCLK is putting out "hints" as to what's great, before the CC, giving folks one last time to buy before tomorrow. Did you notice we are announcing on a Tuesday and not a Thursday! Gives 3 full days of trading before the weekend (when many folks spend some more time and DD in analyzing the numbers and the future).

      VCLK mgmt does care about shareholders. They had BLOWOUT earnings one time and announced the day before options expired (I think they really wanted to stick it to those selling CALLS). Of course, with a big float, the big boys still rule and drive the market. We didn't get the bounce we should've.

      Fear not...
      VCLK increases revs.
      VCLK increases earnings.
      My portfolio keeps increasing!

      Go VCLK...