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  • goin4thegoldin03 goin4thegoldin03 Feb 28, 2006 9:43 PM Flag

    So much for the influx of alias's BS

    recently, with earnings and all...back to the real board and Bellahomme, Feb results???? The time is coming...Most were "real people"...who put their honest picks up for the long's perusal.. Minor setback...good luck longs...We have done too well to give in to whomever is obscessed with trying to manipulate vclk right now.... Still love this stock...Go Vclk and Go Genr (My pick) whomever picked trlg...Wow...wish I had listened..Good luck honest participants. I have a nerve posting with you smart value guys but still will and thank you for your replies. Goin4 $$$$$$$$