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  • jweinmann67 jweinmann67 Mar 7, 2006 5:13 PM Flag

    The cold hard facts so far Buckie (15%)


    I have remained on the sidelines and (mostly) silently watched you make a complete fool of yourself these past few months. You deserve absolutely NO credit for your prognostications, your fictional "TA", hell... even your fictional trades.

    I will give you props for fooling most of the people on this board... you are NOT a player. I doubt you have ANY meaningful position in this stock... my guess is that you are just a mental case.

    In any case, VCLK AT IT'S HIGH traded above $20 for a few minutes of a few trading days. A mere sniff. It took 3 COMPLETELY UNFORESEEN events for VCLK to shed 15% off its HIGH...

    1) Google tanked
    2) A tax accounting error (not that big of a deal) and,
    3) Weakness in the sector


    What the FUCK are you crowing about? Dude, you are a moron. Had these 3 events not happened, VCLK would probably be trading around $19 or $20. Just a couple bucks higher than right now.

    This correction is so minor it's like a fart downwind... if it wasn't for the smell, you wouldn't even know it was there. This minor correction has spanned 60 days so far (during a period of negative events, to boot).

    ... and you are strutting around like a rooster. You have been great comic relief, and so have the goofballs who have been goaded into responding to your posts.

    15% isn't shit pal. You are an idiot. Write back if we see your $14.75... THEN, and ONLY THEN will I be impressed. Until then, shut your pie hole while you play "imaginary trader".

    And to the board... for the love of GOD, why the HELL do you even believe this idiot knows what he is doing? He is a laughingstock. You lower yourselves by acknowledging him.

    PS - My own "TA" says a rebound is likely to about $20 - $22 in April / May... AFTER resolution of the tax matter. I think this is the ideal exit point for this stock until late 2006, when I will seek to add more shares on a dip below $20. (I don't see McKenna's $26 until Feb of 2007 when 4th qtr 2006 results are posted.)

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    • Who has received more attention than justified.....Just a non important opinion but an opinion anyway....Thought he was leaving, for good... Buckeye, gave his final farewell, if you recall, last weekj.... You know the "respected" guy that just sold his leer jet, but continues to post non stop here 24/7 on vclk with not too much else to do.... Why isn't he enjoying all of his riches?? I know LM is sitting there with his fancy software taking this in and enjoying it.. and ready to pounce....LM you sure shut Brewksi "up once and for all". and that is tough to do....... Is there a way to identify multiple alias for the novice....Where do you get this software??? are a hoot and make me laugh very hard sometimes, but are you for real???...I don't think so....Salesman joke was really good though. Vclk will do fine after this little mishap. ..Love this stock.. Bellahome's fund, would surely have been a great mutual fund....... And thanks guys and you Bellahomme for your efforts....Run for Skylar....And of course, go VCLK

    • Answer to Buckie's question:

      5/5/2005 VCLK BOUGHT 500 SHARES OF VCLK AT $9.25
      4/28/2005 VCLK BOUGHT 500 SHARES OF VCLK AT $10.29
      4/26/2005 VCLK BOUGHT 500 SHARES OF VCLK AT $10.70
      4/18/2005 VCLK BOUGHT 500 SHARES OF VCLK AT $10.48

    • What's your avg price in VCLK...$19+...I can't wait for the restatement and VCLK continues down. I love that chant "wait till next earnings"...from losers like you. By the way, you guys have used up 3 of your allotted excuse for VCLK's fall...I'm guessing the next one will be "uncertainty regarding IRAN. I do miss that pump of LM's that hasn't been used lately...the "ole buy out" one.

    • (stands up and starts to clap) bravo jweinmann67, u spoke for everyone on this board!! kudos!!!