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  • captainsancho111 captainsancho111 Apr 24, 2006 1:56 PM Flag

    Luck and the market

    Last October I really believed that VCLK would be at $23.00 by May of this year. So I did not get out at $20.00. And I did not sell out at $19.00. But I did make some very nice option premium along the way. Well I got called out at $17.50 with a $.45 premium. My son and one of my clients sold out in the low $18.00's.

    Now that I am completely in cash absent my various other investments, what to do, what to do, .... So this morning the stock gets clobbered and hits $17.02.

    Technical analysis is important for professional investors for reasons which are painfully obvious. When stock prices cross below the 20 and 50 day moving averages it is an important signal.

    I don't know how smart it is to be long in this type of market. Maybe the public has more money than I am aware of. But, higher oil and therefore higher gas prices will pressure conumer spending. Then with the slowing of the housing market and auto market as Ford and GM will be unable to unload their ridiculous gas guzzlers, the overall economy will slow. By any stretch of the imagination, this is clearly a traders' market. Staying long this market only makes sense if you are 18 years old and have ten to tweny years to ride out the massive fluctuations.

    Whenever there is a change in a market, like there is today with the high price of oil you are going to have alot of instability with stocks. Europeans have been living with high gas prices for years as have the Japanese. This is just a transition period for the economy to a new energy source.

    The grocery chains should do alright because people still have to eat. Companies that cannot pass on the higher fuel costs to consumers will not do well. I don't know if my gloom about the economy is due to the constant cold and grey of Salt Lake or the fact that I vividly remember the 1970's and 80's where jobs and money were tight.

    Maybe Hillary Thunder Thighs Clinton is starting to look good.... naa. Fat girls and mo peds are fun to ride. But you would never want to be seen on one.


    Lucky Sancho

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    • cat, I see I have a fellow O'Reilly fan in ya!

      hi mac, yes I try to be pithy, truculent, lol...hope all is well with you..

    • cat, I see I have a fellow O'Reilly fan in ya!

    • I figured you would come to his defense. Now the whole trio is sorted out for everybody.
      I wonder why this whole excercise of who is "right" even needs to be, whatever the results our individual cases + or - will in no way be effected by this incessent opining and bloviating....

    • "my welsh corgi"? Why would you own such a homely animal? Poor Baron is a Sox fan. I don't know his politics and nobody, including me, understand mine.

      Well time for my workout and then a small juvenile court matter. Cheer to all and may all your dreams come true.

      Captain Sancho

    • Process of illimination.....BARON IS NOT CAPTAINSANCHO.....I know this to be true as Baron learned of vclk from me in about December via another board... The captain has been posting here for more than a year... Baron is a trader and no doubt, likes vclk's gyrations..He no doubt, liked it then as it was a great short after its 7 month rise... Captain, you should know what state Baron resides in as I recall reading one post replying to your "blue state" conversation and the reply was something about the kennedys disgracing his state...As for Buckeye, you guys fight that out....But Baron is not Captain ,..And that, I will bet my welsh corgi on, again... Enough of this, gotta go,,

    • L and I have been accused of being the same person, yet no one joined us to deny it? We each made one post denying it. That was all it took. Did we have "friends" join us immediately? Even the irregular ones?

      conincidence just keep coming? amazing

    • I am very arrogant around area's I fully understand. My posting style, usually entails short, to the point, arguments. Can be construed as arrogance. I have never said swing trading is bad. Just that swing trading 20 cents is not smart. That is what TA guys here tell us we need to be concerned about losing a quarter after we buy. I have bought vclk before, and watched it go down 2 dollars, back when 2 dollars was a much larger percentage. It still made me money, with patience.

      Dime stops, are a joke. No one is that good. That is the epitomy of arrogance. Once again, the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Of course you are in Massachutes or however you spell it. That is why you are a Sox fan... duhh.

    • cleveland? -----no----i am in mass. -----home of drunken ineffectual politicians and long-suffering baseball fans----------maybe one of these high-tech guys will run some ip numbers and cut the crap---------if you,i and bucky were the same person,we would either rule the world or be stranded in amsterdam.

    • ...pittsburgh as usual also - tho the sun has peaked thru - must run and catch it.
      as always no ill will intended - arrogance may have been a bit strong - perhaps extremely self confident.

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