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  • goin4thegoldin03 goin4thegoldin03 May 22, 2006 10:10 PM Flag

    can you imagine...LMckenna.....ONLY OT

    Ot means nothing, of should, but does not......Lee disappeared???? He called vclk soooo well and for so long............C'mon lee join in....... my four legged pony lost ...i was wrong as usual..he would have won but his legs were not up to it that day.....but we miss you here...right or wrong..c'mon post something...hope you and the kids are doing geat with baseball..... We longs really miss you, at least i do... Thanks for all you have taught me. $$$$$$$$$ gone right now but $$$$$$$$$ coming...soon... i hope... Goldie..

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    • Back, by request...

      I've been reading occassionally, but been very busy at both work and baseball. My 7's took 1st place in the spring season, and won the tournament!!!! They were incredible!

      My 13-15 team was like the Atlanta Braves - impressive team, tied 1st in the reg season, then started to putter out in the tournamnet (post-season). Came in 4th.

      Now, I'm the manager of the 14 yr old summer Dizzy Dean team for our park. Play other teams from GA and then the southeast in the World Series (if we get that far). Great group...hopefully we'll do well.

      As for VCLK...Turb and I bash Buckie for making statements/price-predictions without ANY facts to back them up. I have given my reasoning/logic/formula for $26 in '06...I did the same in '05, saying 18 by XMas as early as Feb '05, and continued to say so through last summer when we dropped to 9's (just like we have now dropped to 16 this summer).

      16 to 26 is a 60% gain! I said strong buy up to 18 last Fall...looking forward to 26 by the end of '06. At 20, I said it's a HOLD or at best a BUY since 30% in a year is the best you will do...many stocks can give you that if you pick right. But a 50% (or higher) gain is a STRONG BUY if you can hold it for a year (lower taxes too, thereby, increasing your bottom line $$$ that you get to keep). Especially when the company is VERY CONSERVATIVE and VERY LIKELY TO MEET/EXCEED THEIR ESTIMATES.

      buckie is just doom & gloom, with no rational arguments. I like the person who said, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

      Baron plays the did I et al for the past few years, but always holding on to many shares for the continued trend up. This up trend will not fizzle for at least 2 to 3 more years.

      As for Turbine's 46...that is based on a LOT of new revenue streams, and addt'l profit not yet forecasted by mgmt. It may happen this year, or next. I stick with 26, and possibly 35 if a buyout were to occur. But I'll keep my fingers crossed for Turbine's 46 too :)

      Go VCLK...26/46 in '06