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  • koolsdguy koolsdguy Jan 26, 2011 1:41 PM Flag

    Its $3+. SHORTING yes! Thanks GENE

    GENE I am loading up as a SHORT at low $3s so I can cover when this sinks into mid-high $2s again

    That makes a nice trade if you ask me

    SHORT SHORT SHORT, its $3+

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    • Just want to say thank you GENE for the wonderful shorting opportunity

      I told ya all were so bullish, and i still cant figure out why? do you see anybody out there buying this "great wonderful" stock anymore??? LMAO

      I aint covering yet, as I think we fall more. when no one buys, prices fall is u ask me. its very simple to me

    • I think this guy is looking for SHORT friends, he is lonely...Anyone..?!?
      Well...Well, I think I will join him then...

      Oh! wait a minute...I have a big second thought about this...Kool idea.

      Let's him get burn and learn lessons from GENE...Let's buy more then.

      GO GENE...GO...GO GENE...GO.

      • 1 Reply to jimmienguyen61
      • Its so sad that you longs are foot soldiers for the very stock that duped you with a headfake rally for a day or two

        Thats the magic of Wall St: They can not only dupe you cheat you and take your money but get guys like this dumbo to fight for them, on their behalf

        GENE rallied for a day or two for what?? to retreat back to $2s?? and you still believe in this stock??? When will you realize you were fooled and the only reason they rallied was to rope in as many suckers as possible. You got caught bud as an innocent long, feel sorry for you

        GENE cant rally anymore no matter how hard it tried is what I think

    • Watch me win shorting this folks

      I will prove to you longs that shorting GENE at low $3s was the way to make money

      Trade in low $3s, cover in high $2s, its not that hard, do it again and again if you want

      How can you lose??????????????

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