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  • manakawari manakawari Jul 12, 2011 11:00 PM Flag

    i dont understand why so many think this stock is worth this price

    i believe that this is already overpriced anyway, for christs sake renn is valued by some to be worth 7billion with an enormous emerging market and is priced lower than this and falling.. i just dont see it. sure that knowing your risk for breast cancer is helpful, what can really be done should you find out your risk? get a mamogram more often? are insurance companies gonna pay for this? its not like every woman over the age of 20 is gonna have to take this test. its gonna be a very small limited market and most people im sure will have to pay out of pocket. i dont know, if i were long id rather be long renn. diagnostic tests are exciting but rarely pay off..vrml exploded with their decision and are in serious trouble..and thats with the most accurate test on the market.

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    • besides, how reliable can this mgnt be with a leak the size of niagra falls?lol..they could have put out an add and reached the same audience. lol.

    • yea , as far as thats concerned i dont know..but like i said.i still believe the news is priced into the recent spike and that even good news is gonna cause a huge sell off, at least i hope so.

    • so my wife is a fake doctor because she doesnt practice internal medicine? yes, if you test positive that you are at risk you would what? take a mamogram more often than what? what exactly is the current rccomendation? 2 years.. besides, the only way people are gonna take this test, are those paying out of pocket. insurance will only cover those whom the doctors sees as a very high risk as in those with an already existing tumor.if you are a doctor, how many tests do you perform? say a woman walks into your pffice. youre gonna test her for every possible illness she could get and make either her or her insurance company bankrupt?this test sounds helpful because of how horrible breast cancer is, but creating a test that tells you that you are at risk(witch just knowing you have family members who had the disease will tell you the same thing) and finding a cure are two different animals. i would be long the latter, i mean, it was a nice short term play but where exactly do you imagine the top is? besides, this technology was purchased from a us company that went bankrupt trying to market this item. they sold it for a mere 1.5 million..and now its worth billions?

    • Exactly Eric, a stock doesn't double in a week on a news leak of a stock offering, lol

    • Why you here then ?

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      • i wasnt suggesting buying renn,i just thought it funny that the largest emerging market for the internet(china) and there version for the most profitable internet venture(google)is trading lower than this stock and dropping..i did buy renn last week and made nearly 30 percent but i sold cause i dont believe in that company either. i was just in shock that so many believe that this test is worth so much. my wife is a doctor and she doesnt believe this test would be popular at all. she said that IF insurance companiesdid pay for this test, it would only be used in very rare, high risk cases. its not like insurance companies are gonna pay for every woman in their late 20s to have this test and noones gonna pay out of pocket to be told they have a condition they can do nothing about,like i said. if you are at high risk, what exactly can you do about it? im not posting to start an argument. just simply a discussion.

    • Why you here then ?

    • You need to go to medical school fool. My patients want this test!.. you go but that chink renn thay shafted the americans. With that stock you will be eating rice for a long time since you will be broke..

    • Are you kidding me, have you even looked at the patents that have brought in over $70 million in revs. The patents alone are potentially worth billions. 100 million market cap, lol

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