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  • out_there_somewhere_2000 out_there_somewhere_2000 Jul 13, 2011 9:41 AM Flag

    All I'm saying

    Is that this company has a history of making money for it's shareholders and itself. It is not in the business of losing. They have pulled off miracles, and I really doubt it is bad news that got it halted, dirt has a way of getting out no matter what. Someone linked the price chart here, 2500 a test 80% profit. 1 million test gives them 2 billion a year in the U.S. alone, then toss in the pac rim and europe. There is a lot of upside here. I just hope they do not sell out. BTW, I do not like someone hijacking my cash for 3 days any more than anybody. It blows. But I am still confident and long.

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    • a million tests? what are you smoking? this isnt gonna be used to test anyone other than those with extreme risk and even then may not be readily accepted. listen, gene testing if great but where does it end? there is an endless amount of diseases and genetic risks that are associated with them. do we test for every genetic anomoly that may possibly give you a higher risk for every disease? come on..modern medicine is in the business of curing disease, not preventing it. i still havnt heard anyone explain why knowing you carry a gene is so important..yes its good to know so you may get mamograms earlier or more often, but the insurance companies are going to have to respond due to cost issue and draw strict guidelines as to who may be tested and what they will pay for. vermillion got the best ovarian cancer test on the market approved and 2 years later they still havnt sold hardly any units. this the best test on the market for diagnosing an existing cancer and there is reluctance to use it due to cost restraints. forget about spending money on testing for a disease that hasnt even manifested itself yet. some of you people think insurance companies have an endless well of cash to pay out. this will not be commercially viable and its because of cost and their need to draw a line in the sand. they will take a clear position that they treat the ill only, not the entire population that may become ill. if they pay for this biomarker they will be forced to test for every other genetic disease. it cant be done. whats next? insurance companies will pay for the sick, those at risk of becoming sick and what next? a new test to test for the risk of becoming a risk of getting sick?

    • besides, much better money in cancer vaccines or hcv drugs. much bigger market and no competition

    • I'll give them credit for the halt while attempting a private placement ( if true - )

      otherwise they'd be at the table saying " look at or $10 share price, er $9, make that $8... oops I mean $ 7 - well 6 and change

      as we were saying our market cap was 40% higher this morning

      how about that huge investment?


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      • as much as id love to believe that i dont think thats why, im short this stock but personally i think its good news, they halted because of sec concerns and damage control from the leak and how it was effecting stock price..teh stock was already dropping by mid day so it spiked as much as it would have on the news.. i believe it will fall on the news because this company leaked the release and the news in already priced in. sell on the news!

    • Your still spewing nonsense. You dont even know what youre talking about.. Did you know Perlegen who GENE bought the Brevagen test from spent over 300 million to create it? Its all about preventative care. Breast cancer is a different type of cancer as it is very curable if caught at an early stage. This is how they are marketing Brev and I believe it will be a very good marketing strategy. Also, if none of this were worth any money than why has GENE collected over 60 million and rising from patent litigation?

    • GENE has no competition with the BREVAGEN!!!!!! DO some friggin DD for crying out loud!!

    • lol i dont know what im saying? they spent 300million to develop something that they sold for 1.5 million? that was money well spent and shows a strong belief in their product, lol

    • Clearly Perlegen didnt know how to sell the Brev. Whatever the reason GENE picked up the Brevagen so cheap is beyond us all. The fact of the matter is there is a market for it. Why would Phenogen Sciences be created to sell the kit and why the F would Lewis Stuart join in on this venture knowing that it wouldnt sell? He joined GTG because he knows theres a market out there for this test. Perlegen just didnt know how to market it. Sometimes you have to look into it a little further. When I first read how much they paid for it I was thinking the same thing as you are right now. But after researching more and thinking about how much money this test could actually save insurance companies I realized it was worth a shot. Plus, you know there's value in there too. Otherwise you wouldnt be posting here non stop without any stated position. Unless you really have no life.

    • i can tell you exactly why, because its a perfect pumping you not see that..even with a product as stupid as this one, a test that tests for a genetic risk? lol...a risk that you cant do anything about?.." umm mam, you tested positive for the gene for breast cancer, it would be a good idea not to smoke, eat well and make sure you get mammograms" exactly what a doctor would reccomend to any woman!!!! you not see how silly this is? listen, i made a lot of money on cancer vaccines, real diagnostic tests and most of all prescription drugs, almost without exception every blockbuster got a lot of media attention...major media attention, not cancer free radio, lol..a pay for advertisment that was....this is all but ignored by the general public because its just silly to expect anyone to begin paying for genetic testing because the line has to be drawn or it opens the doors to having to pay for every illness genetic factors.. those running this company are very shrewd..the biotech world is full of great ideas that didnt pan often shocked that companies like vermillon cant keep their heads above water and thats after developing the best test on the market to diagnose cancer..that should have been a block buster but there are less accurate and more invasive methods that happen to be cheaper and that is always the strongest factor. people who already susspect they have cancer arnt opting to pay the extra money for the best test on the market because of price..they already think they have cancer!!!! forget about people willing to pay out to see if 30 years into the future they MAY get it.

    • btw, i have a position. if you havnt figured it out yet then that would explain why you bought this crap.

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