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  • ericvondr1 ericvondr1 Jul 17, 2011 7:53 PM Flag

    AUS mkt opened...GTG still under hault...

    you are full of crap...he didn't talk to the is just like me saying I talked to a CFO of a company too and the guy told me stuff...just because morons belive what he says...doesn't make it true...was there any other evidence to prove what he said...he said "call the company, he will say the same thing"...yeah, right

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    • i didnt say it, another poster did last week and said it would be halted till middle of next week..this was said when all evidence from company said wouldnt be halted past thursday..just saying its looking more and more like correct info.

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      • how can it be looking more and more like it is correct...when one guy says it and there is no other confirmation...lets be real here...anyone can talk some bs on here and try to make it sound reliable...look at the facts: who says "I just made a simple call", no one says that. who says: for #6, I am long and don't like it...doesn't have that at then says call his cell, he will talk to you...too many things in his remarks make it a bunch of bs

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