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  • grleroy grleroy Aug 15, 2011 2:17 PM Flag

    Nice spike to $6.40

    I was very surprised by the spike today,well actually not that much ,GENE does spike a lot..
    Its just that I sold a few shares @ $6.40 and was not expecting to hit there for possibly a few weeks..
    I bought back even more today,I hope the spikes continue,all my profits go right back into buying more GENE.. Im both short and long term buyer..

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    • Commoncents so you also got your sale filled higher then you were asking..I find this amusing..

      My fills for buys and sells have sometimes been better then what I asking like today ;-)

      Im hope my luck continues with GENE ;-) I don t want to see $1.50 again..

    • I got lucky on that spike.

      I consider GENE mainly a great INVESTMENT opportunity for eventual huge returns and thus have acquired a fairly substantial number of shares to hold long term. But I also buy and sell a certain number of shares short term to take advantage of the swings.

      Had an order in to sell a couple thousand shares at $6.29. It got filled at $6.40.

      Have already bought those shares back @ $5.94 (evidently a bit too soon) but am happy with the whole turn of events.

      Am amazed at the poor quality of bashers on this board. One calls GENE a pos because it fluctuates up and down in price. Wonder what he thinks a low float volatile biotec stock is supposed to do.

      Another calls GENE a turd. Maybe the stock only being up 600% this year is not good enough for him. LOL.

      Any newcomers who have not already read the 30 page company presentation should definitely do so.

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