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  • pagientmetknicksfan pagientmetknicksfan Aug 17, 2011 10:48 AM Flag

    another down day for gene...

    Shyts gettin annoying! Pos stock!

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    • lol an acquisition? what are they gona buy with a few million>? another useless product that they will use to pump..i realy thought you guys were smarter than that. im now starting to believe you all know whats going on but you are trying to pump price and leave someone else holding the bag. even an accquistion wont save yo because at this point investors wanna see sales, not the purchase of more failed products. real biotech companies inovate and invent. they dont go picking through other legit companies garbage looking for something to pump up share price and line pickets...also real biotech companies dont decide that since they couldnt make money mining gold that they might as well start a biotech company and revolutionize the whole industry..if you guys like fairy tales so much you should have just watched a disney movie..would have been a lot cheaper. cant say i didnt tell you to sell at 750.

    • Dood wtf are u talkin about "second identity"?

      2nd. Yes. Im out of Axk. There's no need losing $$ in that right now when everyone knows its stalled for the. Next month.

      3rd. Yes. I still hold clsn and gene. Im 80% out of this shyt market. Im only still in 20% cuz im takin losses on both these stox. And yeah, gene is acting retarded lately and ceo not giving any updates. Can't say gene is performing so yeah im pi ssed.

    • <what the hell did they do the capital raise for?>

      <they have to have some plan for how it's going to be used>

      I think they have been very clear about this. In their June 2011 30 page presentation, on Page 4 they say:

      "Active assessment of new M&A opportunities with a view to a transaction H2 ‘11"

      Obviously they are interested in making an acquisition. To do this, you first raise the funds. Then you find the acquisition you are interested in, negotiate and hopefully come to an acceptable agreement.

      All these things take time. It is only a month since the capital raise. Patience might be warranted.

    • <Im not anti gene. But no updates and a spiraling stock Price doesn't exactly do holding but barely.>

      My guess is that you are not being honest.

      On Monday you posted this on the AXK board:

      "out of AXK, out of the market. shyt market. not touchin either with 10foot pole! double dip recession on the way! just in MDW and GPRXF and cash..."

      My guess is that you got out of GENE about a week ago and since then you have been posting your silly messages calling it a pos. You doubled up on that today using a 2nd identity.

      Now that the price is down I suppose you bought back in.

      Nothing wrong with buying & selling a stock, but nothing right about being dishonest.

      GENE is a story stock. Without news it will probably just drift down slowly. When news hits it can jump up 50% or more. You have to decide if you can stand the slow drifts down in order to be in when the big jumps up occur. If you can't, then just find some other place to put your money so that we don't have to listen to the constant whining. Thanks.

    • what the hell did they do the capital raise for?

      they kneecapped themselves and us

      they have to have some plan for how it's going to be used

      time to let the kangaroo or koala bear out of the bag

      this is right where the hedgy's bought in
      should find support somewhere down here

    • Im not anti gene. But no updates and a spiraling stock Price doesn't exactly do holding but barely.

    • yea seriously, if you want a good diagnostic company thats holding up well in this crazy market go for vrml. compare their 5 day chart to gene....gene was a low float day trading tool with nothing backing it up, vrml is a great company, very cheap share price and double didget growth sales. they have a great and successful cancer screen and they are expecting results for their pad test in a month. that will cause this to break 5 bucks in a couple days or weeks. this stock has a history of spiking 100 percent or more on news and they have been quiet for a while after releasing their cancer test in asia and middle east. they recently got their cancer test eu aproved so i expect that they will announce european launch any day now, that will cause a predictable 100 percent spike(although short lived will be a great profit opportunity.

      • 2 Replies to manakawari
      • <yea seriously, if you want a good diagnostic company thats holding up well in this crazy market go for vrml.>

        Holding up well?????

        VRML Price 2 weeks ago $4.35.

        Price today $3.

        That's a 30% haircut in 2 weeks.

        VRML also had a trailing 12 month loss of $1.38 per share.

        They just reported 2011 2Q earnings. Revenues went down from 344,000 in 2010 to 304,000 in 2011. Net loss went up from $698,000 in 2010 to 5,713,000 in 2011.

        Good luck with this one. Maybe it will do better than your previous picks of ANS, AIS, & BPX.

        If someone had bought 1000 shares of each when you mentioned them on July 14th it would have cost them $9,880. Their investment would now be worth $6,000.

        I think a monkey throwing darts at a list of stocks probably would have done better.

      • Vrml? Kool thanx! Just sold this pos! Byebye gene!

    • <Shyts gettin annoying! Pos stock!>


      Is it really necessary to now post your simplistic, annoying, silly messages using 2 identities.

      One was plenty.

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