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  • warriormasai warriormasai Aug 21, 2011 4:32 PM Flag

    2011 AGM Presentation

    2011 Annual General Meeting (Audio + Slide Presentation)

    Link -

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    • Warrior, I notice you post a lot of old stuff. I guess thats good for new people arriving. Just a suggestion, but how about adding some of your own opinions on what has transpired since or current updates along with the link?

    • Well gil. I see you changed your name to ipa and are now active on stockhouse and here to sow doubt. Appears short is getting real desperate.

    • "If you carefully listen to the AGM ..."

      If you do listen to the whole thing and then see the lack of performance and lack of updates its a joke. I'm thinking about opening a missing persons report on Kigosi and lugunya.

      "..sold the rest when TRX went to 7.50 last"

      You have been proven right for selling, wish I did. Bulli's "forevah" line is making more and more sense.

    • " I'm thinking about opening a missing persons report on Kigosi and lugunya."

      That is hilarious, and not a bad idea!

    • - 5.5 million shares shorted.
      - 600.000 failed to deliver last month
      - 24 days to cover
      - 20% borrow rates and 40% for new shares
      - All gold shares are shorted to near 2008 lows

      Whats ur interest in this?

    • TRX is holding up better than UXG performance wise and is in line with other gold stocks. Your making a baseless this point there are much better performing gold equities, primarily producers but when compared to similar entities TRX is holding up quite well. If you have ever owned or built a business from the ground up you would understand that it takes time. TRX is nearing a turning point from which it will not look back.

    • TRX is badly underperforming the CDNX. A TRX/CDNX ratio is a disaster which means TRX is uderperforming its peers.

      In addtion, TRX has been in a bear decline for 6 years. Simply look at the charting.

      You have got to be kidding.

      TRX was at 9 when gold was at 700. Now it is at 5.90 drowning in dilution when gold is cloe to 1900.

      The problem is that you are dragging this discussion in opinions.

      I like to discuss real time numbers like at 700 gold TRX was at 9 and now at 1900 gold TRX is at 5.90. These are facts not opinions! This kind of performance is a disaster.

      The other aspect is that you simply do not know how strong the shorts are nor do you know when they will go away. After 6 years they have done one hell of a job profiting. You simply do not know when this shorting will end. No one knows and that is a wild card. Diluting the shares with an additional 4 million shares at 5.90 sure does not help either especially when Sinclair assured us he would not do that in his last AGM!

      I strongly suspect TRX is playing catch up and does not have everything in place. Most likely it will take another 12-36 months so that real value is in the stock. At that point, we will see some real performance and the stock will rise above 10.

    • Must have been a great money maker shorting thgsi share since it was below 1 usd in 2005.

      Or below 2 usd in 2008

      Or below 3 usd in 2009

      Or from 4 to 6 in 2010

    • If you want to compare apples to apples you cannot take the all time high on TRE which was reached for a very brief period of time and say that TRX is underperforming because it is below that level. Take an average price or use the 52 week moving averages. When you use things like an all time high price reached during a blow off top in the share price it nullifies the validity of your argument.

      You also fail to address my comparison to UXG a company second to only TRX as far as miners and share utilization rates are concerned. Both stocks are under manipulation (probably under ACCUMULATION by someone).

    • Once again let's stop discussing opinions.

      At 700 gold, TRX was at 9.

      At 1900 gold TRX is at 5.85.

      TRX has lost a massive amount of value and has shown no signs of breaking the trend.

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