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  • gang07748 gang07748 Sep 27, 2011 11:10 AM Flag

    Adding to my position today

    Not catching a falling knife, so I waited yesterdays.
    Bought today, a little higher, but so what.

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    • The only thing he is holding back is selling his last 1.4 million shares.

    • trx_is_going_to_one_hundred trx_is_going_to_one_hundred Oct 13, 2011 3:23 PM Flag

      You don't get it. Jimmy is holding something back and waiting for the opportune time.

      Why would he make his move now when gold shares are lagging? He's waiting for just the right time for maximum impact!

      Enjoy this while you can because TRX is going to $100!

    • so_much_for_the_fundamentals so_much_for_the_fundamentals Oct 13, 2011 2:34 PM Flag

      How do you figure Kibo is going to bail?

      Kibo Mining Operational Update
      Dated: 7 October 2011

    • Magical Magoo and the spin machine are busy releasing "drilling" news again as the year rapidly winds down and zero production is the bottom line going into 2012. More potential "acquisition" hype is the free topping on this steaming pile of BS. Sounds like Kibo is going to bail, but even that is being spun as an "acquisition". ROFLMAO!!!!!!! More drilling pictures!!! Kigosi 43-101 by year end!!!! Still no mining license!!!! Fuggedaboudit....Buckreef!!!!! It's all about da Reefer!!!! So sad, so amateur.

    • Passing through $0.90 on the way to $0.10. If the hail Mary fails, the company will burn through the cash so fast contracting for more drilling and more studies. With how the stock performed after the last deal I don't think that any fund will touch another one. JS will have to start "financing" the company again. Absolutely no support for this stock. Got one big shareholder to capitulate, more are sure to follow. Even the clowns on Comet Gold are getting dissillusioned.

    • Going back to 0.90 ??

    • so_much_for_the_fundamentals so_much_for_the_fundamentals Oct 4, 2011 8:46 AM Flag

      You need to get a grip. The infill diamond drilling (DD) program at the Buckreef Prospect is only 1 month overdue!

      50/50 The government will issue a permit for Kigosi and a 100 tonnes per hour modular-type gravity plant will show up at Buckreef this year.

      As you put it, Buckreef is THE hail Mary. Sinclair has run out of goodwill chips, and common shareholders are not going to fund another wild goose safari without revenue generating production.

    • Magoo will predictably fire up the spin machine after he let the shareholders get pantsed yet again. Sure enough, 24 hours later, after the stock gets crushed, glossy pix of a drill rig emerge. Expect to see more frequent "drilling announcements" going into the AGM. Painfully absent will be any reference to a mining license for Kigosi, any meaningful production, any announcement as to how much gold is in the bunker.....if you listen to that Kingsworld interview, Magoo refers to the gold in the ground as if it's his and his family's. On a few occasions he mentioned the shareholders.

    • One thing is for sure, Magoo is very predictable. Lotsa pictures of the one trick pony drill rig and tooting the horn for Buckreef as Kigosi becomes a faded memory is par for the course. Kick up a bunch of dust, before you know it, Buckreef fades and something else gets marqueed as the next great thing.


      3 Oct 11, 16:11
      Received from Duval last night: "The recent issues we've had with the stock price relate to a major shareholder (a fund) that is having financial difficulties. As a result, they have sold some of their shareholding into the open market, depressing the stock price. We are arranging a buyer for the remainder of the fund's shares and hope to resolve this issue once and for all this week. This fund has been responsible for the selling from about $6 downwards."
      "Now for the good news. We have three drills operating on our Buckreef Gold Project and expect to have some good drill results in the coming months. In addition, we are looking at doing an acquisition that will bring another 650,000 ounces of gold resources into the company. Furthermore, we are completing a 43-101 resource report for our Kigosi property which will add to our resource base. By the end of the year we could double the gold resources attributable to Tanzanian Royalty. We think the current situation in the market will resolve itself by year end. Markets today are incredibly volatile and the conditions that produce this volatility are favorable for gold."


      TOLD YA SO. I coulda written this stuff myself.

    • Let me remind you, Magoo did NOTHING against SA and Emerson other than issue a weak, ambiguous response despite threatening action. Same with the Barron's article a few years ago. Gibson (Geier) counters with a response to the article and Magoo immediately distances himself from it. Seriously, whose side is he on? Was there ANYTHING in Gibson's response that was false? Was it ALL false?? Was there ONE thing that Magoo could have endorsed???

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