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  • bullionairo bullionairo Oct 1, 2011 9:44 AM Flag

    Adding to my position today

    Tone of voice????? Bullish opinion???? Jazz, you've been plastering bogus charts and info on this board for 8 months. You scored a minor victory when the share price failed just under 8 mostly due to the rise in POG. Then you failed to keep your word that you were a brainless pumper. The tone of "voice" and mockery are a reaction to the blatant garbage posted in here and the ceaseless attempts to whitewash failures and broken promises. The never ending Strong Buy recommendations regardless of share price, the endless "dip buying" that is almost certainly complete BS. I comment that I get back into the stock because Magoo will predictably fire up the spin machine after he let the shareholders get pantsed yet again. Sure enough, 24 hours later, after the stock gets crushed, glossy pix of a drill rig emerge. Expect to see more frequent "drilling announcements" going into the AGM. Painfully absent will be any reference to a mining license for Kigosi, any meaningful production, any announcement as to how much gold is in the bunker.....if you listen to that Kingsworld interview, Magoo refers to the gold in the ground as if it's his and his family's. On a few occasions he mentioned the shareholders.

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