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  • jj719903 jj719903 Oct 14, 2011 8:31 PM Flag

    On The Road Again

    Dear CIGAs,

    If it is Monday, I must be on my way to Tanzania, East Africa again. Duty calls. This will be a week of negotiations and contract work.

    The total trip is 19 flying hours with either a 2 or 9 hours layover in Dubai. If you must get caught in an airport for a prolonged period of time it might as well be Dubai. In terms of airports it is a Middle Eastern palace.

    This trip will be for three of us so I look forward to good company among many planned meetings.

    Some feel next week might be a busy week in currency and metals markets as expectation of some sort of Euro rescue is once again a media focus.

    We will see, and I will be in touch with you.

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    • jj,

      TRX is a ponzi scheme. Sinclair makes promises he can never keep and then he posts cryptic messages on his blog to make you think some big deal is in the works. Remember all that money he supposedly put into the company? Remember he forgot to mention all his sales? His stake in the company is around $8 million right now. Think about it JJ, if Sinclair has the goods he would be backing up the truck and buying like there was no tomorrow. He is not! I have been in this sector long enough to know how the game is played. Sinclair is playing all of you for fools; will go dark soon and Sinclair will go into hiding, Bin Laden style!

      In 2009, I said that this stock could go to $10 because I believed gold would soar to $3000+ and that alone would send this to $10. I didn't think the market would realize that this company was a joke so early. So now I have a new update. Gold is still going to $3000 but this stock is going to $0.00. The market is fully aware that this company is a joke, run by a joke and that Sinclair bamboozled the world.


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      • well ding bat

        TRX is about to double its know gold content ,

        it is waiting on the Tanz government to approve the gravel gold

        take a look at all exploring companies the markeet has sold all off about the same as TRX.

        also a small hedge fund went bankrupt and dumped 6 million shares on the market to pay bills and keep is doors open,

        what ever your stick is it falls flat ,

        as your anal remarks and cheap talk will be another feather in your miserable life .

        and your lopster clams pulling every one down into your pile of dark black poo.

        You have a insite of a knat , the consciousness of a rock.

        and in the company of sewer rats in the bangladish flesh pots , on a scale of 1 to 100 , you rate a minus 87.

        so get back to your duties and scrub the scum off your teeth .


        Gamling...everyone is entitled to an opinion! Pull up a two year chart on both.
        Does AAU fill the gap at $1.30 or do the shorts over stay their welcome?

    • Sounds like a classic cut n paste for the past 5 years. Magoo MOPE is in full effect going into the AGM. Told ya so. Count on gold buying observations at the Dubai airport if he lands there. Followed by a few pictures of Magoo standing on some idled piece of equipment. Hilarious how the Kigosi 43-101, once promised, then that commitment was trampled, has suddenly found itself back in the spin cycle. All on your dime.............

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