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  • keepshorting keepshorting Oct 17, 2011 2:03 PM Flag

    Someone just dumped 490k shares

    I have drawn my own conclusion. The stock is going to $0.00/share and will go dark.

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    • what a pitiful clown . go to zero ..

      what are your bonifieds ,,a basement apartment with close ties to a frog.

      tre is doubleing resource base,

      have many qualified companys with expert people buying into tre ,

      will soon have permits to mine the gravel gold

      a company with financial trouble dumped 6 million shares on the market .

      one cease and desist order with sanctions for willful slander would cause you to pizz your pants

      and the 5000 bucks to defend your pitiful mouth would bankrupt your sleazy attempt to define a company that is functioning

      its share price is following the gold explorers doen draft ,

      look at them all.. your forked tongue little midget person.

      brush your teeth from the inbedded gobs of stuffing your face with twinkies washed down with 99cent giant cups of 7-11 coke .

      be a person with some degree of truth

      come out of your self imprisoned life of dirty laundry , dishes stacked in the sink from last weeks beans and pork bellys.

      a midget projecting himself on the wall of shadows to look like substance

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      • Obviously the person who dumped the 500K shares thinks like keep shorting. The biggest mistake shareholders will make is riding the stock down. Look at the facts with a skeptical view. TO me it seems that the bear case has teh stronger argument. The bull case is founded on misinformation and faith in a CEO. Without any production eventually, this company will run out of money. At that time the stock price will be no bid and ask $0.01

      • Peter Dalali Kafumu, the Commissioner of Minerals in the Ministry of Energy, said Iamgold informed the government in September this year that it was winding up its activities.
        This was after realising that there were minimal prospects of gold at the formerly government-owned Buckreef project.
        Joseph Conway, chief executive officer of Iamgold, has confirmed that since acquiring the Buckreef project, the firm has spent about $15 million and completed over 100,000 metres of drilling.
        Mr Conway said that, regrettably, the work has not increased the resource base materially, and that preliminary metallurgical studies indicate only low to moderate recoveries from heap leaching.

    • If TRX were a U.S. company, much of what they do in terms of investor communications would be illegal under Reg. FD. jsmineset is a thinly veiled propoganda machine. Sending E-mails with material information to a few clowns who post on Comet Gold would clearly violate FD.

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