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  • ludwigvonmises2 ludwigvonmises2 Oct 20, 2011 2:55 PM Flag


    Would anyone spend 5 years bashing 1 company? Closing in on 20.000 posts. 1 company. 5 years.

    Sick stalking mind - or is a a profession?


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    • Pure entertainment, in time you'll fade into obscurity and another few Jasshats will emerge thinking they got Magoo and TRX figured out.

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      • It is so hilarious reading the posts of your bunch of clowns on this and other sites. I could spend years here too. It is important to protect the uninformed from the ignorant by refuting all the misinformation and nonsense you and your compatriots propagate. Most of you have no idea how the stock market works. You all swallow management's statements without any thought. They are very good at implying what you want to hear. They leave the misinterpretation to your ilk. None of you have any clue about valuation. For example, you and you buddies (if you happened to have any money)could have bid on Buckreef would have cost you $3 million plus $300K for the two 100TPH machines. You would have owned the whole thing, 55% of 2.2 million ounces. Instead $3.3 million of stock buys you about 1/100 interest in Buckreef. The stock is no bargain. Get it? You will never be able to exit as this stock is a classic greater fool trade. Unfortunately for you, Sinclair has issued so much stock there aren't enough fools left to be brainwashed.

        When you only incorporate information the supports your hypothesis you have what is known as Confirmation Bias. Long and strong ha, more like LONG AND WRONG.

      • I am entertained by my friends and family. You must be very lonely.

      • A 5 year masturbation it is.

        This trading range will resolve itself to the upside.

        And youll be "entertaining"yourself for many many years and manyt many dollars uposide to come.

        Nothing but an egotrip. Thats what you are. 5 years of psychpathic behaviour.

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