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  • keepshorting keepshorting Dec 13, 2011 1:15 AM Flag


    He says gold is going to $4500. this reminds me of early 2008 when he said stop trading and juniors fell 90% about 6 months later.

    if my hunch is correct, gold will sink to about $1400 over the next few months, even weeks, maybe days.

    sinclair is the ultimate contrarian.

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    • Looks like Magoo had a bit of a sleepless nite realizing he led the sheep over the cliff again. When's the last time Magoo posted up at 6AM?


      June 8, 2012, at 6:18 am
      by Jim Sinclair in the category In The News | Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

      Dear CIGAs,

      Operation Twist has been and will continue to be a major non functioning bomb in terms of stimulation. It did zero from its inception and will do less in the future. The 2011 version of Operation Twist calls for the Fed to sell $300-$700 billion of securities maturing in three years or lower, and then use that money to buy longer-dated securities maturing in 7-12 years. The program is designed to lower long-term rates to help mortgage holders refinance and lower the cost of borrowing, therein bolstering the economy. When no one will lend money to anyone what difference does it make to artificially try to keep long rates lo?. This is MOPE via MSM.

    • Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

      Think about the value of the HUI declining 35% while gold is trading in the $1600s. That defies logic, and screams manipulation.

      The MOPE about higher costs is, as always, a tool of the manipulators.

      No, Magoo, let's think about your sudden website whitewash of your May 2008 call that the sector, juniors specifically, would be heading higher from there 1000's% and how many of your sheep got trapped for 4+ years sitting on certs that are back to 2008 prices or worse. Awesome call, dips h i t.

    • Jim’s Mailbox
      April 25, 2012, at 1:19 pm
      by Jim Sinclair in the category Jim's Mailbox | Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

      Dear CIGAs,

      This is a disgusting fabrication by MSM and MOPE.

      Gold roared up from $20 dollars lower. Do you think they have an agenda?

      I do

    • Sweet bloggin Magoo calls a $20 move roaring. Do any of you mouthbreathers actually buy into that? Roaring?

    • Yep, clearly another major TRX investor is bailing. But don't worry it's all a part of his master plan! Sell all of his shares first to his CIGAs. Let the stock crash as it becomes clear he's lied about everything. Rinse and repeat. At the very end though, he PROMISES (SERIOUSLY!!!) that the dumbest of the dumb still on the carousel will be made wealthier than they can imagine!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow.

    • As i said most of you guys will be dead if you listen to every call Jimmy has made, make sure you make a note of his 2110 before 1500 call, he has got to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy as his stock will take another beating, maybe get under your rock call will be posted. what a peacock

    • I cannot wait to read your incoherent, rambling defense of Sinclair and TRX after the website is out. I expect idiots like you to double down with whatever you have left. As gold goes to $5,000 and real mining companies explode in the coming years, your remarkable combination of ignorance and obstinance will have cost you everything.

    • Lets stick to facts, Sinclair has been wrong more than he has been right, ask bully to post them there are to many, now he is backing away from his call of 2110 before 1500. If you rely on jimmy you are going to be dead before he makes you rich, and by the way i posted here when the latest waterfall occured, did Jimmy tell you, nope and he is going to tell when you go for another cliff dive. The shorts are not finished with him yet, Jimmy is throwing you warm blankets again

    • Hey, ayhole, gold is down. No surprise that you can't read.

    • Hey loser I see gold higher .....You seem to worry about someone that teach the gold community while you are waste of breath to this site....It show on all of your post...

      as I said all along if you guys are so smart start your own free site and we will join and mock your comments when the crooks manipulate this market daily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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