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  • greglpet greglpet Mar 14, 2012 2:18 PM Flag

    McHugh trumps Sinclair again

    McHugh is right again. Gold to visit 1525 max low this correction completed by end of March. Q2 will be a huge up for gold. Buy all you can while you can.

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    • 600% increase since $ 255 and the best increase for any asset over 10 years. Yeah, what a hack Sinclair is.

    • Relbo. You are discussing two things now.

      1 What currencies to invest in. Sinclair sais Cando and Swiss.

      2 Under what circumstances can the dollar lose reserve currency status and what are the consequences.

      If you want to avoid appearing an idiot, aviod confusing terms and discussions.

    • greg,

      Ross Clark from is expecting a bottom in late march I believe. Said possible explosion to $2500-$3000 by October. Is that what McHugh has for his targets?

    • Forgive me for not being worried about the USD being replaced by the currencies of the countries ranked #10 an #19 in terms of GDP. When taken together are about 1/7 of US GDP. While those two currencies might appreciate any change versus the dollar is hardly indicative of a collapse

    • Havent met Relbo at cometgold that I know of. He is a moron however denying the painfully obvious. Hattip to bully!

    • March 14, 2012, at 10:53 am
      by Greg Hunter in the category | Print This Post Print This Post | Email This Post Email This Post

      My Dear Friends

      If you were to talk to the intelligencia of the street you would be treated to the following. I do and I know.

      1. The US economy is reaching escape velocity.
      2. The equity market is now rising on #1 and liquidity is no longer the key ingredient.
      3. The fact that gold did not go to $2000 on the Greek default means gold is tired.
      4. The dollar is strong on all of the above.

      The fact is there is not one ounce of truth in the above.

      1. No account is taken for the savings of $40 billion not spent on utilities on the East coast for the winter that was not. Seasonality will soon factor into statistics, bringing them more toward a mean.
      2. Without liquidity as a primary factor, the general equities market will go into severe reaction also due to weak internals that only stimulation can overcome.
      3. The figures concerning the Greek debt and CDS activation are total fabrications invited by US management due to an election year tolerance for whatever might help.
      4. The dollar this year will cave for reasons few understand. That is sundering of its use as an international settlement mechanism on a weekly basis.

      Look for the long term cash buyers of gold to defeat the lower estimates of price that you will hear blasting out of the top callers, bears and seekers of your subscription money.

      Pull the rock over your hole or go for a long walk. As always avoid margin like a disease.


      Low heating bills. That's why the economy is growing. Hey, Magoo gas prices are almost double, that cancels out your theory.

      Amazing how he gets away with this. USD CRASH!!!!! AAAANY DAY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE 3RD TIME IN 3 YEARS!!!!! Mine some gold, Magoo!!!!! And STFU!

      • 2 Replies to bullionairo
      • What Sinclair doesn't understand is that for the dollar to collapse some other currency with a large base has to take its place. So I ask what currency is going to rally against the dollar. This is the trade to make not long gold. So CIGAs what is it? Make the currency call.

        The reality is no one is going to transact in any size in gold. When the US was on the gold standard in the 1840s, economic activity was stagnant because there wasn't enough gold to facilitate transactions. That all changed with the California gold rush, think QE, free money in the ground, debasing the currency.

      • What does this have to do with the topic I started? Nothing. The low is close and wave 5 up will be strong. This was an option proposed by McHugh for weeks. I was not surprised at all and will soon enter my long positions. I'm not promoting McHugh just stating the accuracy of his PM forecasts and that this move down is not to be feared but regarded as an opportunity to buy PM's at their nadir.

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