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  • jj719903 jj719903 May 2, 2013 5:28 PM Flag

    "The collapse of the Gold price was orchestrated by Mark Carney at the BIS, a whistleblower has revealed."

    While skimming an article today in the UK Telegraph, one of the comments contained this…

    "The collapse of the Gold price was orchestrated by Mark Carney at the BIS, a whistleblower has revealed."

    Now that’s not exactly an authoritative source, but we know that Carney heads the Financial Stability Board, which led me to their website financialstabilityboarddotorg

    Wow! Some heavy reading there, requiring more dedicated scholars than me, but a first glance shows Carney reporting jointly in mid April to G20 Finance Ministers and central bankers, prior to their recent joint meeting in Washington. Chairman Carney’s letter is a progress report to the G20 on his plans to "resolve" problems at G-SIFI’s (globally significant financial institutions). This is Carney speak for planned "resolution" of financial problems across the G20 world, with all G20 central bankers and finance ministers acting in concert. The ‘one-world governance’ guys can now claim "I told you so". Note that the G-SIFI acronym extends beyond banks to insurance companies and financial conglomerates, as mentioned in the FSB’s report. Clearly he is relying on joint action from the G20 Finance Ministers and we have already seen supportive legislation in Canada, New Zealand and joint discussion papers between UK and USA. Surprisingly he claims to be committed to transparency, so anyone can see these plans. Carney includes "bail-ins" in his mid April report, with increased capital requirements for G-SIFI’s being another aspect of his planning.

    I don’t know if Carney bombed the gold price, but as the nominal head of the G20’s central banks, joint action against gold will not surprise any LeMet subscribers.

    How times have changed since politicians couldn’t even access the BIS building in Switzerland.

    The take away to me is to get your money out of the banking system and hope that gold confiscation is not soon to be added to Carney’s wish list of directives to the G20.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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