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  • fyiiiiiiii fyiiiiiiii Aug 23, 2013 1:47 PM Flag

    Gettin hot in the kitchen

    Slowly the comedians come to there senses one at a time. I bet its because of the consulmet press release and now no signed contract. S.A. contacts say trx can't make up their minds. Probably because they would have to give consulmet 20% of kigosi to get them to front the equipment and expertise. That would leave shareholders about 25% of the project. 3% to tanz govt, 15% to stamico, something like 35% to the previous rights holders of kigosi, and then if consulmet wants 20% it leaves shareholders with the scraps. Just speculating but this is what it looks like.

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    • Sinclair will be exposed. Luddy finally woke up. Others will follow.

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      • TRX will outperform em all and well learn why that was the case at the top. Its just how Jim does business.

      • Youll appreciate nr 7:

        My Dear Extended Family,

        The manipulation of the price of gold now favors the bullish side of the gold price structure.

        1. After an excruciating wait we have entered the first of two bull price bull phases, this the first of which will that will take gold to $1650, the old high and beyond.

        2. In this gold price bull phase the good gold shares will participate and in percentage terms the best will lead.

        3. Certain gold producing juniors are going to become majors.

        4. Assuming the major gold companies take huge write downs due to their lax in management, they will get meaner (if that could be) and perform in that business the way they should have from the day gold broke above $529.40, moving its price into a run away. Their recoveries will be spectacular.

        5. The gold phase we are now in, which I call the first move towards full valuation, is long term and not to be counted in daily, weekly, or monthly increments.

        6. This gold bull price phase is the one long predicted here that will return the most money to the fewest in the shortest period of time.

        7. Silver has gained back it’s mojo, and therefore $50 is a given for it.

        8. The reason that major Bankster’s physical precious metals storage facilities are for sale is one of the strongest reasons that the old high in the gold price will be beaten. They are not for sale because business is bad. The reason to have a depository was to manufacture a synthetic short in gold legally by taking funds for physical but trading the COMEX and OTC derivative gold market to fulfill the appearance of covering their obligations.

        This game was not high risk as long as paper gold had full control of the gold price determination. They could have $1000 losses on the short and turn it into a profit via spread trading using the warehouse as plausible denial from manipulation. The banksters, now the major longs, do not select to play this game anymore. The manipulation now favors the bullish side of the gold

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