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  • toomanymanagers toomanymanagers Oct 6, 2003 11:16 AM Flag

    corruption rules here!!!

    trust me, you dont wanna know how many managers and dept heads that arent doing anything. absolutely worthless....
    the company is trying to clean house, but there are so many with dirty laundry and secrets against each other, it will only hurt short term. looks like bizness as usual...

    i had 5 immediate superiors, yet i was the only one doin the work. the quality of hired help was atrocious, in skilled positions, they knew nada... moslty alcoholics runnin from messes and spouses... lookin for handouts... no quality anywhere...

    ...then theres the inner city types they recruit, as well as the russians, and the mexicans... pathetic trend of american govt and business....

    some days were good, and then there were some very bad, due to the throat cutting and back stabbing that is going on in middle and upper management. they are tring to justify their positions of power by lying, cheating, stealing, and much more... this is what i learned, it is my opinion, but there is substantial proof to back it up. they keep these people with expensive salaries who are corrupt, and then they cut back on pay and compensation to the front line people doin the work... honestly
    on any given day i had 5 different people tellin me what to do, and all of it was for their own gain, and credit. yet they did nothing! but create an atmosphere of uncertainty and paranoia... that was their value to the company...

    there are alot names i could name but i will wait to see what transpires.
    if you messed with anyone they would set you up and boot you out of their dirty little world. i am out now, and i am never goin back, i am too old for such stuff...
    not to mention highly overqualified, thats my fault. i just wanted an adventure.

    i am so glad its over.
    i did what i set out to do.
    have a blast in beautiful country. in spite of the idiots who run this comapny.
    if you only knew the real story i am privy to... this is a club. a club of insiders and con artists. the workers get dick. good luck investors

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